🌿 Aave comes to Metis ft. Maia DAO & Hermes, titans reborn.

plus Elon dumps DOGE, Sparta DEX mints out AND 11 project updates

Happy Easter Apes!

And a belated happy birthday to Satoshi who, apparently, turned 45 on Wednesday! The markets are still confused, crabbing and stuck in this range as we can only speculate “up only” vs “going to zero” at the flip of a coin.

Next week we have CPI numbers and the FOMC meeting which might just dictate the next direction. DeFi is on fire right now with the Dineros litepaper being released, new projects capturing the hearts of community members and the Euler Finance hacker making profits for the team.

In the meantime a shout-out to this Twitter legend!

Thank you Lily!

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Here's what's inside today.

The big topic. 

🌿 Maia DAO & Hermes, titans reborn

DeFi insights & project updates.

🖼 Sparta Dex’s Spartan NFTs minted out in record time
📅 Redacted Cartel’s LOOONG awaited $DINERO litepaper released
🦧 Chart of the day: Mumma $MAIA!

Hot off the press.

🐮 Eigen Layer launches on testnet 
🐻 Chief Twit Elon dumps Doge
👨🏻‍💼 What the FED?! CPI & FOMC meeting next week

Plus Twitter reads from @NickDrakon, @_FabianHD and @DCFGOD!

🔥 The big topic.

🌿 Maia DAO & Hermes, titans reborn.

Let's talk about two crypto titans you may have forgotten about. They’re part of the Metis ecosystem and they both might be sleeping giants in the making.

When Maia met Hermes on Metis

Ahhh I remember Metis. It’s that Greek, Pepe-themed blockchain owned by Vitalik’s Mum that did something a long, long time ago.

Metis is also where Maia met Hermes. And with their V2 updates dropping soon I believe that these two titans of Metis could be sleeping giants that everyone, including you and I, had forgotten about.

Maia DAO is the yield powerhouse of Metis DeFi (and soon the world!), with Hermes being the main DEX that will soon be allowing for bridgeless omnichain native token swaps with the launch of Ulysses.

When opportunity meets preparation

AAVE is deploying on Metis very soon, bringing with it a lot of liquidity and a lot of potential for both Maia DAO and Hermes to capture a significant share of the volume.

As soon as UNI V3’s license expired, they launched their concentrated liquidity AMM (CLAMM) which will allow liquidity providers to select a tighter range to earn more revenue.

The Maia DAO team played a forking good game here, like debating Greek scholars.

So, what's in store?

A lot.

Maia DAO’s CLAMM will unlock an additional layer of revenue through the built-in protocol fees which will be allocated to veHEREMES, sMAIA holders and the treasury.

Hermes V2 is where things get really exciting. Talos and Ulysses aren't just super cool names but they're also super cool bits of tech.

Talos, aka Transparent Automated Liquidity Optimization Strategies, is a decentralised liquidity position manager for Hermes V2 allowing LP’ers to create liquidity management strategies and better manage their LP positions. Fantastic!

Ulysses will give you access to omnichain tokens and native bridgeless swaps. You’ll be able to deploy on one chain and gain access to revenue from multiple chains. You’ll have one token that represents multiple liquidity pools of the same set of tokens coming from multiple chains.

Oh, and did we mention that they will both be deploying on Arbitrum soon?

Yeah, things are heating up for Maia DAO and Hermes.

Our Take

Hopefully, our sleeping giant comment is starting to make sense now. These two are gearing up for something special.

The combination of Aaves liquidity injection and a move to Arbitrum capturing both liquidity and a broader ecosystem with major V2 upgrades could be all that's needed to reignite these two crypto titans.

At the time of writing:

  • Maia DAO is sitting at a $7.2m MC at $40.23 with an ATH of $135.85

  • Hermes is valued at $3.4m MC at $0.095 with an ATH of $0.24

👀 DeFi insights & project updates.

The World of DeFi

  • CowSwap launched MEVblocker to block frontrunning and sandwich attacks. (Twitter)

  • crvUSD is it finally here? @0xmamedai spotted a line in the code that it might be sooner than we think. (Twitter)

  • DojiApp leaks a picture of a potential mobile wallet. Rumours this is a Cobie project. (Twitter)

  • Euler Finance’s exploiter made the team money by swapping stables for ETH which later increased in price. (Twitter)

  • Hashverse Season 1 Battle Packs minted out in record time. Keep an eye on the Twitter account for the official launch. (Twitter)

  • Lido Finance V2 update…TLDR, is good to go after April 12th. (Twitter)

  • Magic Eden launched “Eth Genesis” yesterday introducing the ability to bid on NFTs with specific traits. Genesis partners included Hashverse, Crypto Ninjas, Realm Hunter and more. (Twitter)

  • Pendle Finance unleashes the “Black Ranger of the Mighty Pendle Liquid Stakers - $sfrxETH.” (Twitter)

  • Redacted Cartel released the LOOONG awaited litepaper on $DINERO a decentralised stablecoin. (Litepaper)

  • Sparta Dex’s Spartan NFTs minted out in record time. Whitelisted wallets can continue to use the testnet. (Twitter)

  • Wen Llamas release the official minting schedule including how the public auctions will work starting April 13th. (Twitter)

Governance Updates

  • Velodrome is proposing to become the hub of Stargate Finance on Optimism with $100k in weekly $STG bribes. (Twitter)

  • GMX propose to make Chainlink the oracle partner of GMX V2 and GMX the exclusive launch partner of their new low-latency oracles (GMX GOV)

  • Arbitrum DAO decided to NOT move 700m Arb tokens “until an acceptable budget and smart contract lockup schedule has been approved by the DAO.” (Twitter)

📊 Chart of the day.

Mumma $MAIA!

$MAIA 1 W | Dexscreener

$MAIA has finally broken its loooooong accumulation phase. Aave is coming to Metis and Maia DAO is heading to Arbitrum with its Uni V3 CLAMM could be all that’s needed.

Bull case. Breakthrough this $43 resistance and we could be back on for $60.

Bear case. Reject the $43 resistance and we could fall into a new accumulation phase at the $26 zone.

🗞 Hot off the press.

🐮 Bullish News

  • Gemholic Eco saved by zkSync Era after getting 921 ETH stuck in a smart contract after transferring funds. Matter labs have confirmed the funds are SAFU! (Twitter)

  • Eigen Layer launches on testnet. Stage 1 will focus on native and liquid restaking. Stage 2 includes operators and stage 3, services. Mainnet deployment set for Q3. (Twitter)

  • Bitstamp “re-building crypto lending from the ground up.” A new lending platform for European Markets, Hong Kong and the UAE. (The Block)

🐻 Bearish News

  • MT Gox repayments deadline passes which opens the repayment window with the “base, intermediate and early lump sum repayments can now be paid out up until the Oct. 31 deadline.” (The Block)

  • Binance cancelled Aus now the Aussies are cancelling Binance Australia's derivatives license. All open derivative positions will be closed by April 21. (Coindesk)

  • Chief Twit Elon dumps Doge just days after the Twitter “rebrand” and less than 2 weeks away from the official Doge Day on 4/20. But was this a late April fools gone wrong?! (The Block)

👨🏻‍💼 What the FED?!

We’ve got a free Monday and Tuesday leading into CPI and FOMC meeting on Wednesday. CPI is expected to come down from 6% down to 5.8% which will be bullish for markets. (source)

Forex Factory | Time in GMT

🐥 Twitter reads.

@NickDrakon the genius behind Revelo Intel gives his thoughts on Thena Finance ahead of their Fusion upgrade.

@_FabianHD gives an update on his views on what’s happening in the markets right now including April catalysts that will impact the markets.

@DCFGOD points out that the Euler Exploiter was actually a smart trader, dumping stables into ETH before it pumped.

And on that note, thanks for reading, catcha apes in the next edition!

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