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  • 🦍 Alpha Ape #4 - Trump 'n' Pump NFTs, Twitter Votes NO to Mario, SBF's new Fox Hill BFF & MORE

🦍 Alpha Ape #4 - Trump 'n' Pump NFTs, Twitter Votes NO to Mario, SBF's new Fox Hill BFF & MORE

plus a look into B2Options, Tornado Cash & Metis's grand proposals


Trump is making crypto GREAT again with his Trump ‘n’ Pump 45,000 memorial NFT collection of…himself in poses that remind us of Borat’s mankini moment.

But before Grayscale and Genesis capitulate, we’ve put together a collection of alpha tweets, 3 project updates, and 3 governance TLDRs to kick-start your week off.

Remember: Nothing in this newsletter is financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes only. The projects mentioned are just interesting finds.

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🐥 Top Tweets - TheDefiInvestor breaks down the latest in DeFi, Ryan Selkis turns bullish on DeSoc, copytrading is a skill, OGTestnet alpha hunting tools, Polygon NFT szn continues, Donald Trump launches NFTs, BlackRock extreme bear market coming, SBF makes new friends in prison & MORE…👀 Might be Something - Cashmere Labs on LayerZero, B2Options on BeraChain and Panoptic XYZ on Ethereum👨‍💻 Governance Proposals - Tornado Cash 🌪, Metis 🤝 Stargate, Metis 🤝 Aave📝 Thread of the Day - Your 2023 WAGMI blueprint with Hoeem🎧 Podcast of the Day - When Jedi met Sam from Sturdy Finance

TLDR of the latest news in DeFi

Ryan is bullish on DeSoc for ‘23

a16Z are getting excited in towards the year-end

Copytrading is a skill and shouldn’t be faded

Alpha hunting made simple

wen Christmas airdrop?!

Trump turned bullish on NFT’s

Polygon NFT season continues

BlackRock is very bearish 

SBF is making friends

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

The people have spoken, over 273,784 people voted NO

The Beacon egg mint selling out in less than 60 seconds

The battle of Crypto Intel dashboards

…but then again could be nothing. This is just a collection of projects that might be worth keeping an eye on.

1) Cashmere Labs

Resources: Website - Medium - Discord - Twitter

Cashmere is building an omnichain interoperability MEV Resistant DEX Aggregator on LayerZero so you can swap any asset between any chain without having to worry about bridging.

You might have seen Cashmere floating around Twitter over the last few months but it looks like the goats are out in full force as the team came in second position in the BNB Chain European Innovation Program which gives the Cashmere team access to top mentors, funding and a gas-free month.

2) B2Options

Resources: Guild - Medium - Discord - Twitter

Honey hunters at the ready! B2O is the first $SWEET decentralized options platform built on BeraChain (might be real but might be fake) that allows users to well…flip options.

Currently going through a private closed period of beta testing, the lucky beras will be up against each other in a trading competition to see who fills the jar with the most honey whilst being given tasks in a bug bounty hunt.

All beras will get a $SWEET NFT which may or may not be connected to future airdrops throughout the chain and can

3) Panoptic XYZ

Resources: Website - Docs - Discord - Twitter

On the face of it, Panoptic XYZ is a perpetual, oracle-free options protocol. Panoptic options differ from convention options seen in tradfi, instead of using a clearinghouse (intermediary of buyers and sellers) the protocol uses Liquidity Provider (LP) positions in Uniswap v3 as the building block for trading long and short options.

This allows for the maintenance of composability and permissionlessness and enables users to gain access to new and improved features when trading options such as:

• Panoptic Options never expire and are perpetual;• Anyone can lend their capital to options traders as a liquidity provider; and • Pricing is path-dependent and does not involve counterparties (such as market makers)

1) Tornado Cash 🌪

IMPORTANT governance proposal has been passed for Tornado Cash to make the protocols ENS, tornadocash.eth, point to a new community-built interface for Tornado Cash.

This allows the project to be community-led and fully operatable without a head figure such as Alexey Pertsev who remains in jail.

2) Metis 🤝 Stargate

Proposal Passed 97.05%

TLDR: The MetisDAO Foundation proposes that Stargate launches on Metis as the LazyerZero endpoint is on the Metis Mainnet.

3) Metis 🤝 Aave

Stage 2 Passed 62.16%

TLDR: Stage 2 of 4, is a sentiment check to deploy AAVE v3 on Metis Andromeda. Once successful BGDlabs (trusted AAVE contributor) will conduct a technical analysis report on Metis and present it to the community before submitting a proposal for deployment

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Thread of the Day

New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner so it’s time to level up your game plan and create YOUR WAGMI blueprint for 2023.

Podcast of the Day

When Jedi met Sam the CEO of Sturdy Finance. Sturdy stakes the collateral provided by borrowers into DeFi protocols like Yearn, Convex, and Lido.

With the upcoming launch of Sturdy 1.0, we were curious why it was 1.0 considering that the project has been around for over 6 months.

Listen on YouTube or Spotify.

And that’s it anon, from the whole team we hope you enjoyed it!

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