⚛️ ATOM 2.0, are the rumours true?!

with all this LUNC, DBS enters the Singaporeverse whilst the SHIBA whales load up ahead of Shibarium release

Happy Monday!

It literally won’t stop, ATOM is on an absolute parabolic run. But why? In today’s Ape Enclosure we have a little look into why that might be. Oh and don’t forget that we have the ETH merge happening on Thursday.

Plus we have a look at the latest LUNC that’s been happening in the markets as September is set to be a roller coaster so keep these dates in mind:

On Sept 13th the latest inflation numbers announced

On Sept 21st the Fed announces rate hikes and economic projections

Both have the potential to move the markets and on that note…here’s your Monday Ape Enclosure!

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - ATOM 2.0, are the rumours true?!• Bitesized bits - DBS enters the Sandbox, Shib whales aping and got SOL?Chart of the day - Bitcoin, the king is showing his dominance• Hidden Alpha - 👀

🔥 The Big Topic - ATOM 2.0, are the rumours true?!

Yes they are and on September 28th ATOM 2.0 is revealed to the Cosmoverse, which we’ll be covering today.

Since the June lows of $5.546, ATOM has been only up…but literally only up and bouncing off all kinds of indicators and trend lines to almost perfection. You couldn’t slice a cake with better precision. Just take a look for yourself.

Will the DXY having a diva strop and ETH merge narrative effect ATOMs monster run? Let’s take a look into the “WHY” behind ATOM’s recent resilience and strength.

Let’s start off with the road map (which can be found here). H2 of ‘22 sees the v8-Rho Upgrade with improvements Gaia v8.0, Cosmos SDK v0.46 and IBC 5.x. It does look like liquid staking is going to be updated in Q1 ‘23 during the Lambda upgrade.

Ok sounds great and technical but surely that can’t be the only reason behind it, right?

ATOM 2.0 is coming

And it looks like it might be announced at Cosmoverse between 26-28th September as hinted by CosmoverseHQ in this Twitter post with a panel discussion led by Cosmos (ATOM) co-founder Ethan Buchman. Our bet is, that during the panel discussion Ethan will reveal the official changes to the tokenomics.

That’s a pretty big deal right? And we’ve seen a recent 10,000+ article by Delphi Digital as they shift focus to Cosmos, global hedgefund Van Eck dropping this article on why they’re bullish and High Stakes Capital has recently taken on a sizeable position which they staked straight away with Node Guardians. That’s a lot of big names that are taking big bets on the success and evolution of the Cosmos and ATOM token itself. Probably nothing though anon as DYDX are also heading over to the Cosmos soon.

So how stable is an ATOM? 

3 times stable according to this post by Cosmos Validator Ericzoo.eth. Combine ATOM 2.0 news with ATOM having three new MakerDao-inspired stablecoins, it’s no wonder the ATOM token is absolutely moon shooting right now.

Long story short the ATOM token finally gets a utility as you’ll need to lock or deposit your ATOM tokens in order to mint the stablecoins, then a liquid staking update coming in Q1 ‘23 plus more and more devs and projects are building on the network. Could ATOM moonshoot back to its all-time high sooner rather than later? That’s to be seen but the news is very bullish. It might now be worth taking a look into the ATOM ecosystem a little more closely to see what might benefit the most from these bullish developments.

Our Take

This is extremely bullish and a narrative that shouldn’t be faded. The Cosmos offers devs an easy-to-use SDK and, like Polkadot, the Cosmos is heavily focused on the interoperability of other blockchains. Imagine a chain built by devs for devs….yeah that’s Cosmos for you!

The next 2 weeks leading into the Cosmoverse are certainly going to be exciting for the Cosmonauts and don’t forget all of the airdrops ATOM holders receive.

You might also remember this podcast we did with Thyborg who wrote this thread back in May ‘22 detailing almost everything that’s been happening recently.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

Google count down to the ETH merge. Literally, just google Ethereum merge to see the timer.

Banking Giant DBS enters the Sandbox to create DBS BetterWorld in the “Sinagporeverse.”

The LUNC! as both LUNA, LUNC and the Terra ecosystem moonshoot. Is this good or bad? We’ll let you decide.

SHIB Whales are buying and add 600bn to their holdings ahead of the Shibarium release.

Got Sol? as Solana NFT volume surges to a new ATH. 4 digit.sol domains anyone?!

🛡 Chart of the day: $BTC

Our Take

Looking at the broader picture here it was almost inevitable that BTC was going to make a move as the BTC.D chart broke out, increased volume as price was decreasing, bouncing off of text book fibonacci levels and tomorrow we should see the inflation announcement as positive.

At the time of writing, BTC is hitting a critical point of resistance at the 0.382 Fibonacci line. Break the 0.382 we pump to the $23,000 region and break that it’s potentially a smooth move to the August highs. But then again it’s Crypto and the unexpected usually happens. So DYOR, NFA and keep safe!

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A slightly different one today as our good friend Gunny from the HXRO Network joins FintechFrank on The Scoop to talk about how the multi-trillion dollar derivatives industry could be disrupted by decentralised tech. Check it out on Spotify.

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🕵️‍♂️ Hidden Alpha

Soooo you want a 5-minute head start against the rest of the market, well here are our picks to add to your watchlist:

Bitcoin, yeah you probably didn’t expect that, but with energy consumption reducing, BTC.D breaking out its one to watch.

4 Digit.Sol domains, NFT volumes are increasing on Solana…could these pull an ENS?

RPL and xCAD, 👀

Cosmos Ecosystem, given whats around the corner for ATOM having the major ecosystem players on your watch list could be a good idea. $OSMO, $CMDX, $SCRT and $JUNO are always worth keeping an eye on.

Stables. Yup, always a good idea.

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