🦧 Blur printed millionaires, are you next?

Plus BNB DeFi season, SBF reveals secret names and FTM to $1?

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So, how did your Valentine's Day go? Did you get down on one knee or was it a complete BLUR (see what I did there?) as you stayed up late to claim your airdrop care package, casually printing seven figures?

You guessed it... today's hot topic is the Blur Airdrop and why it might be more bullish than you think.

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Here's what's inside today.

🔥 The big topic. Blur Printed Millionaires, are you next?🗞 Hot crypto news. El Salvador "Bitcoin Embassy" in Texas, SBF reveals the names of the secret bailout, CZ "BNB DeFi Season is here" AND MORE.👀 Updates across the bloc. DSquared Finance sold out in 10 seconds, IPOR labs launch phase 3 trading competition, Dexible App...something shiny is coming?! AND MORE.🛡 Chart of the day. $FTM is $1 programmed?

🧵 Thread of the day. 10 life hacks for the busy crypto degen by Rektdiomedes.

🔥 The big topic.

Blur Printed Millionaires, are you next?

TLDR: Blur’s Season 1 care package airdrop distributed 360 million tokens to NFT traders this week, totalling a whopping $270m+ and printed over 25 millionaires.

Therefore officially making it the most romantic day in crypto history. If you were one of the smart apes, well played.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be another “money printer goes BLUURRRRRR” newsletter, that ship sunk long ago. Instead, we’ll look at why this airdrop might have a run-up similar to that of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) coin, Ape.

Yeah, yeah… I know we all want the BAYC to go to zero (you can 10x long or SHORT them on nftperp, by the way), but hear me out.

Airdrop season anyone?!

First, we had Optimism, which shocked crypto Twitter last Thursday and reignited the airdrop threadors. And then on Valentine's Day, Blur printed millionaires.

So you know what that means right?! The long anticipated, sometimes forgotten and often doubted Arbitrum airdrop. But we’ll cover that at a later date.

As it stands, there might be more to this airdrop than meets the eye and we could see price exceed expectations.

Firstly, word on the street that Blur is raising at a $1bn valuation, figures that have yet to be seen since the forgotten time of a crypto bull run. Remember that?

If OpenSea was valued at $13.3bn that makes Blur look like complete peanuts.

Secondly, multiple exchanges including Bybit, Kucoin, Gate.Io, etc, will be listing the Blur token including perps, with OKX being the biggest bag holder. Wen Binance?!

Remember what happened to Ape when it got listed on multiple exchanges? It short-squeezed into absolute disbelief and hit close to $28. And Blur is (was), still sub $1 (at the time of writing), but did peak at $1.20 while I slept.

Thirdly, everyone, including myself, who has never really explored the wonderful world of NFTs has now completely missed out on this airdrop, which is stupid seeing as Blur has over 44% trading volume.

And with so many missing out, this might lead to some interesting PA over the next 24-48 hours.

Fourthly, it’s straight up what's hot right now. It has narrative, liquidity thicker than your custard and there's a 3rd airdrop which is set to be the biggest of them all, with season 2 having kicked off already.

I’m fairly sure there are some subtle hints on the campaigns that will earn you the most rewards. But in the meantime check out “Blur Airdrop 3 official post.”

Max bidding?!

Fithly, is that even a word?

Never mind that the turbo boosting 2x bonus rewards have been enabled until March 14, backed by Paradigm and those who made a milly are likely to shilly to make another milly.

So to recap:

  • Firstly, Rumours of a raise valued at $1bn

  • Secondly, Exchange listing and perps incoming

  • Thirdly, Short-squeeze from those who missed out, thus shorting it to Goblin Town

  • Fourthly, Narrative, momentum and liquidity so phat that the whales can’t say no to

  • Fithly, Turbo boosting 2x rewards are on

Our Take

For a “worthless” governance token I’d say it's been life-changing for some and a pie to the face for others.

NFT season, anyone?!

If you’re wondering how they did it… here is a guide on how YOU, yes YOU could print yourself a cool calm million-dollar bag of Blur.

A massive congratulations to Pacman and the team for one of the biggest airdrops in crypto history.

PS. wen Arbitrum?!

PPS. check out Pandajackson42 Blur Duneboard for the latest.

🗞 Hot crypto news.

🐮 Bullish News

El Salvador's first Bitcoin Embassy is set for Texas after having opened a Bitcoin Office in Switzerland last year.

Bitcoin crushes $24,500 as Ordinals bring life back to the OG blockchain. Bitcoin-friendly wallet Xverse has just rolled out support for Ordinals making it easier to buy, sell and store Bitcoin NFTs.

Asia is crypto-bullish as the financial hub of Hong Kong is set to legalise retail crypto trading. Last week we saw China launch the Blockchain Research Center whilst this week China Telecom is set to build "blockchain-enabled sim cards" with the conflux network.

Plus... BNB DeFi season?

🐻 Bearish News

SBF (finally) reveals secret bailers as the judge ordered the failed crypto kingpin to divulge the names of the hidden mystery bond dealers who set him free. Andreas Paepcke put up $200,000, Larry Kramer put up $500,000 and they both worked at Stanford University where SBF's parents worked. Coincidence? This ape thinks NOT.

Binance braces for impact after a rocky week that looks like it might get worse as the ongoing SEC investigation into "past conduct" comes under further scrutiny. Binance grew at warp speed and "was not initially aware of the myriad laws and regulations," CSO Patrick Hillmann told the WSJ.

Blur strikes back at OpenSea. The battle of the NFT marketplaces heats up as NFT marketplace Blur announced it will "enforce any royalty fee requested by any NFT project creator—so long as that creator blocks the trading of their collections on OpenSea." Bullish for creators, bearish for traders paying fees.

Plus... more doom and gloom for TradFi's giants?

👀 Updates across the bloc.

Project Updates

Arbitrum pumps another $200m TVL in 48 hours according to Defi Llama, up almost $600m from the year's lows. What do the whales know?

Battle for Olympus is an arcade fighting game giving cyberpunk vibes that was building over on Metis but it looks like they're about to experience the Arbitrum effect with a move coming soon.

CaviarAMM, an NFT trading platform where you can buy/sell NFTs instantly and earn yield, has just posted its 2-week private beta recap hitting 200ETH TVL across 13 liquidity pools with Redacted Remilio Babies being the most traded NFT.

Dsquared Finance's public sale, unsurprisingly, sold out in less than 10 seconds. If you managed to scoop some up, the next steps are being announced soon in their discord.

Gamma Swap Labs co-founder DeFi Devin dropped a subtle hint that "The ability to swap the gamma is coming very soon."

IPOR Labs launched phase 3 of their trading competition. If you're new to IPOR and interest swaps check out the latest crew3 quest log.

Level Finance hit $1BN in total trading volume. CZ was right... BNB DeFi is on fire.

Radiant Capital is going through the final stages of its audit ready for a V2 launch estimated for February 21st on Arbitrum then BNBchain.

ZyberSwap collaborates with SushiSwap to deploy stable pools in the BentoBox.

Plus Dexible App's next update could be "very shiny" according to sauces close to the matter

Governance Updates

Cake submit a proposal to redirect one Cake Block from staking to trading, enabling "yet-to-be-released developments that would significantly reinforce our trading volumes" as part of the Cake V3 developments.

Gamma Swap Labs gamma gang gauge proposal has been submitted to Frax Finance to add liquidity to the FRXETH/FRX pair.

Level Finance has submitted a proposal for 12 upgrades that will be done in a three-part series.

🛡 Chart of the day.

$FTM, could it happen?

The golden cross happened and the daily RSI is on the verge of crossing to the upside. If market sentiment stays strong could Fantom be en-route to a ghastly melt upwards to $0.87 and inevitably the psychological marker at $1?

Bull case. Healthy retrace to recover the green vector candle before the next leg up. Can the Fantom ghosts push the price back to $1?

Bear case. The ghosts get scared, and we form a bearing M structure at the $0.64 region again before heading back down to retest the $0.41 support and consolidate here before the macro takes hold again.

Coming up next week:

FOMC meeting minutes will be one to watch out for as this provides deeper details on the committee's views. If they're taking a hawkish stance we will certainly see that reflected in the charts!

🧵 Thread of the day.

10 Life Hacks for Busy Crypto Degens

Crypto is crazy time-consuming and if you're not careful you'll wither away into dust (like all of the bags I've round-tripped!) so it's important to figure out some useful life hacks to keep yourself, fit, healthy and mentally switched on.

Here are 10 life hacks for busy crypto degens, apes and investors from Rektdiomedes.

Check out numbers 4 and 5 as being my personal two most important ones.

And on that note, thanks for reading, catcha apes in the next edition!

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