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  • 🚨 BREAKING: Circle blacklists Tornado Cash Wallets 🚨

🚨 BREAKING: Circle blacklists Tornado Cash Wallets 🚨

Circle blacklists wallets associated with Tornado Cash, Chainlink says NO to Ethereum Forks and Celebrities get a warning for shilling their .jpegsHere is your Wednesday Catch Up

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Has it begun? Is it time? Were the Link-marines right all along? Will we [finally] see the epic Chainlink bull run that has been quoted for so long? Chainlink, an oracle protocol, is hands down one of the most utilised protocols within the crypto space, yet the infinite sell pressure has kept the token from revisiting its all-time highs of the past. In the latest news, Chainlink is now working in the Metis DAO ecosystem and has formerly spoken out against the Ethereum forks. The weekly chart has been moving at a steady consistent pace, RSI has flipped positive and slowly reclaiming the 20W EMA. With the recent news and implementation, can Chainlink run back up and break the psychological $10 marker?

Chainlink Weekly Chart | Images Trading View

BREAKING: US Target Tornado CashΒ with sanctions as the "Treasury accused Tornado Cash of laundering more than $455 million for North Korea’s Lazarus Group." It is reported that Circle, a regulatory company and there conforms to regulatory sanctions and has blacklisted up to $75,000 from wallets connected to Tornado Cash. This news comes perfectly timed with the Korean Blockchain Week, find out more here on the events.Chainlink doesn't give a fork as it is reported that they will NOT be supporting any Ethereum forks once 2.0 goes live and issued this official statement on their website. However, His Royal Excellency Justin Sun will be supporting the forks on the Poloniex Exchange with 4 trading pairs.HODL the line as Hodlnaut lives up to its highly meme-able name as it runs into a potential liquidity crisis and has closed withdrawals forcing users to hodl until further notice. This brings to light the need for better liquidity providers.The battle between ZK vs Optimistic rollups on Ethereum L2. This is a hot topic in 2022 and at ETHSoeul this week Vitalik predicts zk-Rollups will beat Optimistic Rollups in the long term as they do not need a 7-day withdrawal period.Buy the rumour sell the news? Ethereum 2.0 is fast approaching, but how should we play it? The Blockchain Intelligence company, Glassnode looked into how derivatives traders were going to play the merge, September is looking bullish with a pullback in October in open interest. The full report is found here.

Click on the image below as Grant and Dan recap what's been going on in the markets.

Tornado Cash Sanctions, USDC Blacklist Wallets, Low Cap Altcoin Charts and Sudo Swap Volume Increase

Schmidt bullish on crypto, a video has resurfaced from 2014 of the former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, commenting on his thoughts on cryptography citing "Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement,” and β€œThe ability to create something which is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value." Watch Schmidt as he talks in this interview from 2014.Gone without a trace as WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature that "will allow users to exit a group without alerting other users." No more awkward exits from the less alpha, alpha crypto groups.First Nancy, now Trump cause up a stir after the FBI raided his Mar-a-Lago resort home in Florida after the alleged removal and discovery of documents marked "classified" in an investigation as to how they ended up at his home instead of the National Archive. Oh, Donald!Celebrity NFT shillers, such as Drake, Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton and Tom Brady (who lost almost $200k on his BAYC investment...woops!) recieve a warning letter from, Truth in Advertising, for shilling their bags to artificually raise the price through their social fan base.A moment of silence for actress Olivia Newton-John, most famous for her part in Grease sadly passed away at the age of 73. A childhood film that I am sure we all remember dearly.

These are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: $UNI, $JONES and $PLSJedi Notes: "Still a grumpy bear"

The Latest Podcast, Tornado Cash Sanctions, USDC Blacklist Wallets, Low Cap Altcoin Charts and Sudo Swap Volume Increase | Youtube |A Useful Read, What are GYEN and ZUSD with GMO-Trust?Β The Latest Tweet, from the Head of Marketing at the HXRO Network, Caitlin Cook (@DeadCaitBounce)Β for this shoutout to Grant (@blocmatesdotcom) and the fantastic work done on the Complete Guide to the HXRO Token blog post.The Ape Enclosure, Need help funding a project? Well, we've got you covered. If you've got a good idea then send us an email at [email protected] or reach out on Twitter.

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