🥊 DeFi and decentralisation is under attack

🥊 DeFi gets attacked, 💰 Ethereum breaks $2,000 and 🛸 flying taxis?Welcome to the Monday Catch Up

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Crypto is heavily tied to the TradFi markets so let's kick the week off with the S&P500 as we close in on a critical area of resistance and have made a steady recovery from the June lows with what looks like more room to run on the RSI before a potential pull back.The broader market sentiment looks to be growing in confidence which is what we want to see. As the saying goes "a slow moon is the best moon."Bulls vs Bears, this week will be an interesting one to see who will win this short-term battle at the 4200 marker. Break and retest could see us head back up to 4400 or first we pop back down to revisit the 4000

S&P 500 | Image from Trading View

An attack on DeFi and decentralisation as Tornado Cash DAO multi-sig wallet is deleted as the DAO shuts down as it "can't fight the US." The story continues as DeFi giants AAVE, UNI and Balancer ban users following the recent OFAC sanctions while Twitter user Banteg from Yearn dug into GitHub showing the changes in the code.The Polygon boom, what a year 2022 has been for Polygon as a recent blog article states that the network is now home to over 37,000 dapps. Safe to say CEO Ryan Watt is very happy with the progress as MATIC'S price breaks the $1 mark. Monero gets an upgrade as the privacy protocol's hard fork goes live and is a success. The upgrade includes improvements to bulletproofs+, view tags, fee changes, and multi-sig functionality.Institutional Investors turn to options as the volume of crypto options being traded on exchanges increases. Even miners are getting in on the action to hedge against the current volatility. PS. Great news for the likes of HXRO and options platforms.Shib Pumps on a Sunday by 30% and at one stage overtook AVAX on the leader board. Is meme season about to begin? Will this bring in more retail money? Let's see but what a way to start the week!

A Monday morning with the Delta-Fi crew from HXRO labs as they give a recap on the market rally that followed the CPI data as well as their outlook on what's to come. Also, a few gems right at the end for your watch lists.

Market rallies on the release of CPI data! | Outlook, News & AnalysisYouTube

The Saudi oil giant Armanco sees profits surge by 90% in Q2 as market conditions, energy prices and demand continue to drive this historical boom as earlier this year we saw oil reach $130 a barrel.Uber Rewards shuts down and you only have until October 31st to spend your rewards before the platform is shut down.Give us a high 5 as Amazon introduces "One" palm scanning payment technology in 65 Whole Food stores. Just be careful who you're high-fiving just in case you high five a cool calm milly away.Flying taxis? You heard it right United Airlines puts down a $10m deposit for flying taxis. That's a new way to pick up your first date.South Korea mooning, as SpaceX teams up to send an orbiter named Danuri on their first moon mission to test out their lunar spacecraft technology.

These are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: $rDPX, $XMON, $SUDO and $ETHDogechain, the new chain from doge where you can trade wDOGE.

The Latest Podcast, Market rallies on the release of CPI data! | Outlook, News & Analysis w/ Team DeltaFi YoutubeA Useful Read, check out the blocmates archive. We just made aping research so much easier.The Latest Tweet, a look into "Real Yield", what is it and how does it work? by @thedefiedge The Ape Enclosure, Need help funding a project? Well, we've got you covered. If you've got a good idea then send us an email at [email protected] or reach out on Twitter.

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