💪 ETH starts flexing against BTC

From Insider Trading to Epic Games to ETH flexing against BTCMates, here is your weekly Catch Up to start the week offBut first.....If you missed How to Make It in the COSMOS or the Friday Market Catch Up with a dose of INSIDER TRADING then click, watch and tell us what projects you think Nancy P would ape into.

Market Recap

ETH, ladies and gentlemen, is starting to flex itself, once again against BTC. the ETH/BTC chart is at a highly important stage and at the kind of crossroads that, if played right, could see a new leg up. BUT that is all down to what happens in and around this golden area.Save the date, on July 26/27th the FOMC will be discussing interest rate hike again. After Canada raised raises by 100 basis points (1%), will the US FED follow suit? Has such a hike already been priced into the market or will we open this week in the red? Prepare yourself accordingly for what you feel might happen.MATIC had another big week this week as the Polygon team make a major breakthrough in their ability to scale on ETH through zkEVM. Right now there doesn't seem much stopping this team in terms of development as the team released the source code at ETHCC in Paris.

ETH/BTC Weekly Chart (July 24th) 

The Big News of the Week

  1. zkEVM is the hot topic with MATIC, Scroll ZKP and zkSYNC all featuring in this Messari Twitter thread where they look at each one in detail.

  2. Crypto gaming and gaming with crypto is coming. Epic Games, the developers of Gears of War, Fortnite and Unreal Tournament have states the "definitely won't ban NFT's" which could start to see a retail adoption of Gaming with Crypto. Animoca launches the Open Metaverse Alliance aka OMA3 which includes Alien Worlds, Dapper Labs, Decentraland, Star Atlas, and The Sandbox.

  3. SEC vs Coinbase insider trading as employees front ran coins being posted on the platform. Read the official SEC statement here.

  4. Musk & BTC whale wallet dumps their bags whilst BTC moves up, but did Musk do this for tax reasons or are they in the belief that the market will continue on one final leg lower?

  5. In other news, this will be the most useful Twitter thread you read this week to help arm yourself with alpha from CryptoPanic (news aggregator that isnt CT) to Nansen (On-Chain Analysis). Don't say we don't arm you with useful info!

On The Bloc

This week Grant sits down with Cosmonaught Thyborg as they delve into the ATOM ecosystem and give you some hot alpha on what's coming up in the space

Hot Off The BLOC

Monkey Pox has arrived - the WHO has recently announced that Monkey Pox is now a global health issue. From the Blocmates team, we hope you all stay safe and take precautions when/where needed

Marvel's Phase 5 kicks off - with Ant-Man & The Wasp....call me old but what happened to the old-school superheroes of monstrous size and ability?

Amazon Prime to Drone to Health Care - You heard it, Amazon are moving further into the health care atmosphere and have just bought out One Medical for roughly $3.9bn.

For you WWE Fans - Vince McMahon has officially stepped down as CEO after numerous allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him. The degen in me would want to see John Cena step up and take over.

Alpha BlocThese are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: $CRT, $MATIC $SUDO, $XMON, $OP and $SNX.Note from Jedi: "With FOMC on Wednesday 27th July, I simply have zero edge to predict anything to our readers. I am sitting comfy on the sidelines."

Until next week mates,

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