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๐Ÿ‘Š EthereumPOW, Justin Sun and the Inflation Reduction Act

BIG NEWS: The $740bn Inflation Reduction Actand is Bitcoin coming to crypto gaming rewards ๐ŸŽฎ? AAVE puts the ๐Ÿ‘ป Fantom Bridge up for a vote and ๐Ÿ‘‘ Justin Sun on EthereumPOW.Get ready for your Monday Catch Up.

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Yieldfication ticker symbol $YDF, the new monolith that launched on August 4th and stunned crypto sideliners, observers, and normies as it shot up to an almost $20m market cap in a matter of hours.So what is it? The newly launched DeFi protocol is said to take some of the most popular concepts of the modern time (think HEX, OHM, REFI and GMX) to create "the first-ever sustainable, high yield generating DeFi protocol."Stakers are promised up to a sustainable 300% APR along with native Ethereum rewards which can be generated through a time decaying sell tax, early unstacking penalties, and through a future NFT marketplace.One to add to your watchlist to see how this, potential first mover in the space, runs its course en route to blue-chip status.Reference: Website

Chart of the day $YDF | Image from Dextools

HOT NEWS: US Senate passes the $740 billion "Inflation Reduction" Act. The act will look to fund clean energy initiatives, lower healthcare costs, and create new jobs along with cheaper prescription drugs, tax credits for EV buyers, and raising corporate taxes. Perfect timing with the Presidential midterm elections coming up shortly.Crypto Fundraising hit $30.3bn in H1 22 Messari reports, showing no shortage of funds flooding into crypto despite the grim outlook. Dunleavy, SR Research Analyst breaks it down. CeFi led the way and gaming took $4bn worth of funding. Builders are building in this bear.Bitcoin comes to gaming? as Zebedee closes $35m series B funding. A payment platform powered by the Lightning network Zebedee becomes the "bitcoin enabler of choice" and with the likes of Square Enix supporting could we see Bitcoin being incorporated into mainstream games.Multichain Bridges are a hot topic in crypto news for the recent exploits, such as Nomads recent $150m+ drain. Is it time to step back, look at the code and rebuild more efficient security measures? A governance proposal on AAVE suggests so as they vote to "remove Fantom integration" and close the bridge.His Royal Excellency and TRON founder,ย Justin Sun supports Ethereum 2.0 and states he will fully support the potential forks. Sun said he will list ETHW on the Poloinex Exchange and donate a chunk of his 1m Ethereum bag to the forked ETHW community. USDD, a Tron-based stablecoin, will become the โ€œfirst stablecoin in the EthereumPOW ecosystem.โ€Woops, the world's biggest investment fund Black Rock has reportedly lost a record-breaking $1.7trillion of clients' funds in the first half of 2022. Like with Bitcoin, let's hope they bounce back.

With the Metis DAO Ecosystem pumping right now here is a blast from the past as Grant and Jedi sit down with Metis CEO Elena Sinelnikova to discuss DeFi Layer 2 Rollups and more.

Metis CEO Elena Sinelnikova and the team

Jobs are flying as the US reports employers adding 528,000 new jobs in July to shatter expectations. Is this an indication that the market is going to be bouncing back? See here a very interesting thread by MacroAlf who breaks down what this actually means.A Tom and Jerry moment as tensions between China and Taiwan continue to heat up in a game of cat and mouse as warships sail by one another with the ongoing tensions from ballistic missile testing. A hot topic to keep an eye on for it's broader market reprocusions.Noble NFT's as the young Czech Prince, William Rudolf Lobkowicz, aims to save 700 years of heritage by raising funds for the restoration of these historical pieces to protect their cultural legacy.Amazon introduces Roomba. This friendly little robot vacuum came at a cost of $1.7bn as Amazon acquires iRobot. Along with the help of Alexa and Ring Doorbells, this little robot will leave you with the smartest house on the bloc.Zzzz, in the world of crypto and financial markets we tend to skip out on a good night's sleep. So here is the latest sleep tech to help monitor and send yourself into a deep sleep.

These are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: Arbitrum, oOptimism, Metis and Sudo

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