💥 The Final Count Down

and DC vs Saylor, Helium wants Solana and Arbitrum goes NITRO

Happy Friday Mates!

Yeah and I bet you’ve now got The Final Countdown theme song running through your head. With 4 days until the merge kicks off, Sept 6th, I think we are all now feeling a sense of “let’s just get this done” and then change narratives onto something shinier.

In today’s episode, we look at who actually wins from the merge, some hot news and it had to be Vitalik’s Schlong picture that won the internet this week.

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In Todays Enclosure

• The Big Topic - Who actually benefits from Eth 2.0?• Bitesized bits - Saylor gets sued, Helium wants Solana and Arbitrum goes NITRO• Chart of the day - S&P500 a leading indicator• Hidden Alpha - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic

Who Actually Benefits from ETH 2.0?

Yea yea, talking about the BIGGEST event in crypto history EVER…again…but this week we have the added bonus of Vitalik’s Schlong memes that sent ETH back to $1600, briefly (edit: as the time of proof reading ETH has pumped! SEND IT!) .

But who ACTUALLY benefits from Ethereum becoming a Proof of Stake powered blockchain….because someone somewhere has to be making some serious $$$.

If you’ve buried your head in the sand whilst the markets have been puking (we dont blame you) let's start at the beginning. Ethereum is changing from a Proof of Work to a Proof of Stake network….simple.

The Goal

To create a more energy-efficient blockchain that has better security and scalability so we don’t run into the usual bottlenecks (think BIG NFT mints that slow the network and send gas prices mooning!) and can create new innovation.

The How

On September 6th the Ethereum devs hit the big shiny green button to initiate the great switchover starting with Bellatrix (this is Ethereum’s consensus layer, aka the Beacon Chain, and brings it into a ready state to merge). Once ready, Paris kicks in and the network switches from PoW to PoS, estimated between 10-20th September.

But Who Benefits

You and I. That’s right, we get a safer network from validators and sharding on the network (basically breaking big things into smaller things so they move faster).

Devs. Devs who are innit for the tech, from both tradfi and defi, will get a better network to build on. Ethereum is all about building cool shiny stuff on Layer 2 and if the base Layer 1 (Ethereum itself) is running smoother then chances are we will see some game-changing tech being built….(again).

Miners. Bet you didn’t think I’d say miners…with global energy prices surging globally switching from a mining rig to a validator set could prove more profitable for miners. But if you’re a hardcore ETH miner then you can move over to ETC or any of the forks that are being made and supported by HE Justin Sun, CZ from Binance and Coinbase.

Stakers. This can be a win-or-lose situation depending on the price you bought and staked your ETH. Regardless you’ll earn staking rewards and the satisfaction that you are securing the network.

One thing to note is that ETH could become deflationary as approximately 1,600 ETH will come into circulation per day at a similar burn rate. Miners are currently mining 13,000 per day or 2 every 13.5 seconds.

Our Take

On the face of it, the merge does seem to have a positive outlook to it. Will it really do what it says on the tin? That’s to be seen but making the most popular ecosystem can’t be a bad thing as this might spark new innovation across the other major Layer 1’s.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

DC sues bitcoin maxi Saylor over alleged tax fraud.

Mt GOX repayment delays could now start from Sept 15th.

Goodbye Helium, devs propose Solana as their new home after securing $200m funding.

Its’ a NO from OpenSea, first it was Chainlink now OpenSea decline Ethereum forks.

Engage NITRO engines as Arbitrum’s upgrade is complete…arbi szn soon?!

🛡Chart of the day: S&P500

Our Take

Despite what some maxis might say, crypto is heavily correlated to tradfi markets. Along with the $DXY the S&P and Nasdaq have been dictating the way. Fingers crossed Friday finishes green and we have a weekend rally as the trend is your friend and let’s make friends with an upwards trend!

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

Something slightly different this week. Normally people say “oh no doom and gloom, we must survive the bear market” but let’s be honest, with the right mindset and tribe it’s an environment to thrive. Jedi breaks down his story and the time he’s had in the $HXRO labs discord.

PS. some of the world’s best traders lurk deep inside

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🎉 Friday Win of the Week

It simply had to be…

🕵️‍♂️ Hidden Alpha

Soooo you want a 5-minute head start against the rest of the market, well here are our picks to add to your watchlist:

ETHPOW - the native token of the ETH hard fork as it could be trading at 1.5% of the value of Ethereum.

Fan Tokens - the world cup is coming and this could be a no-brainer.

Sei Network - Keep an eye on them as they’re dropping alpha news today and throughout September. Also checkout the podcast we did with them recently.

Stables. Boring but important alpha.

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