🥧 An FTX Exclusive - A Pie to the Face

Cathie apes Coin, Layer Zeros in control and the Link Marines are back

Genuinely speechless right now anon. Can’t quite believe the goings-on of this week to be completely honest. We have gone from the high of being in Lisbon at Solana’s Breakpoint conference on the hunt for free t-shirts and snapbacks to the biggest pie-in-the-face rug pull the space has ever seen.

BUT we shall not dwell on the negative for now. From the whole of honest plebs, Grant, Jedi and Dan, we hope that you haven’t been hit and if you have jump into the discord or DMs if you want to rant, rave or listen to some useless advice.

Right, hindsight is metaphorically a [redacted] so today’s edition will be a “Plebs Guide to a Contagion Event” so we ALL (us included!) don’t make the same mistakes again.

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In Todays Enclosure

• The Big Topic - A Plebs Guide to a Contagion Event• Bitesized bits - Cathie Wood apes the Coin dip, LayerZero buys 100% equity holding from SBF and the Linkmarines are in town!• Chart of the day - $CHZ because footballs coming home!• Ape Chasers - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic - A Plebs Guide to a Contagion Event

Let’s start off by saying that we have all made mistakes and certainly wasn’t prepared for the full force of a black swan event like this and yea…hindsight’s a [redacted] especially when we were doing so well. There were warning signs hidden deep inside 280-character tweets but come on…wouldn’t have expected this.

All we can do now is learn. Whether you are new to crypto or a veteran degen here’s a “Plebs Guide to a Contagion Event.”

NOTE: none of the following is actual financial advice it is just a collection of ideas

1) Make CEX Safe Again

Make YOUR money YOUR money! Safe CEX is smart CEX and these exchanges should really only be used as an on-ramp, off-ramp and a place to trade (not store) coins as those green dollar bills you’re slinging around the club are hard earnt and giving them back to the goblins is blasphemy!

Here are 2 storage ideas:

Hardware wallets, ledger or trezor are the usual favourites as this keeps your crypto safe off chain. Worth buying a safe to lock this away in too.

A browser or Mobile Wallet like Metamask, Trustwallet and Phantom are popular choices.

2) Plan to Succeed, Play to Win and Play from Strength

Plan your success and play to win and by that we mean CREATE A SUCCESS PLAN, write a winning journal and make sure you understand and fully commit to your risk management strategy.

If you don’t have one GO MAKE ONE, like go and do it now! If you do have a plan now would be a good time to re-evaluate and make any adjustments needed given the circumstances.

If you are serious about becoming a based AF trader this is hands down the most important part. Figure out short-term and long-term positioning, what your hodls, your punts and your pure degen plays are.

Check out these resources

Cryptocred - YouTube | Twitter…a trader who has a degen-friendly database of information to help make you a weaponised trader.

Robo Geisha’s Playbook - NotionStumbled across this from a friend and it is an honest review of this trader’s journey and gives a number of good setups and ideas on how to build a strategy including RISK MANAGEMENT…the most important factor of them all.

BloodgoodBTC and his Trading Psychology for Beginners thread, it’s PVP out there and we are currently in heroic god mode and having the right mindset and routine is key to winning.

3) Find your crew

A few months ago Jedi wrote a thread about finding your tribe and when sugar sticks hit the fan it is important to have your pit crew. It’s kinda like being a F1 driver, you’re moving a breakneck speed and when you need to refill and reload you’ve got your crew there to listen to you rant, rave and share ideas on what’s going on and what you might have missed in the last 5 minutes.

Word on the street is that the blocmates discord is probably, definitely the best one to be in right now.

BONUS: Learn a skill and get ahead of the game

For those who read this on the weekly, you’ll remember our “It’s Whale Hunting Season” where we went in-depth in the search of smart money alpha wallets. Under current circumstances…it’s worth logging off the charts, watching what whales are doing and building your golden 20. Because right now anon, trading is you vs the market makers’ liquidity hunts.

Our Take

Look, its hard to ever truly plan for a black swan or contagion event, because after all…it’s a black swan event but building a plan, taking ownership of your $$$ bills and being part of a based AF tribe is as useful as it is fun…because crypto should be fun as who else gets to talk about whales, monkey love and Ryoshi larp on the daily.

Remember, the moment you get wiped out its game over, the dream is over and it’s back to grinding your favourite work 2 earn irl meme coin.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

Good on ya girl, Cathie apes the Coin dip and slurps up another $33m in shares. Will Brian and Coinbase be the last ones standing?

Block-Fi off the block, as the crypto lending platform is the latest to be hit by the drama and announces the halting of withdrawals.

LayerZero to hero, as the CEO of LayerZero, Bryan Pellegrino, makes a public statement saying they have “bought FTX/FTX Ventures/Alameda 100% out of their equity position.”

This goes beyond crypto, as the Ontario Teachers Fund backed FTX with $95m of investment.

Excellenace or Larp? As His Excellency Justin Sun says “he’s putting together a solution” and only time will tell, but we did see the TRON token selling at a 1200% premium to help FTX customers out.

Link Marines are coming, as ChainLink Labs offers proof of reserve services to exchanges. Perfect timing? Or all part of the plan? Dont forget Chainlink staking comes in December so maybe, just maybe the Linkmarines finally win.

Even NFTs aren’t safe, as the Chain founder Deepak.eth puts his world-class NFT collection up for sale which includes some bad azz punks, the physical Tiffany punks and whether you like them or not…bored apes.

🛡 Chart of the day: $CHZ

Our Take

Technical analysis seems somewhat redundant right now as what has happened over the last 3 days has been nothing short of manipulation HOWEVER, it looks like footy fans across the globe are rallying together to keep the dream alive.

Bull Case, England gets through to the finals and wins on penalties…okok maybe that’s not quite on the cards just yet BUT we may see some movement to the $0.25 to $0.30 mark.

Bear Case, market makers dump the market and we see the fan favourite drop back into its lower range accumulation zone between $0.08 and $0.13

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

The term “Proof of Reserve” is getting thrown around a lot…but what actually is it? And how is it going to benefit us as a community? The Chainlink team break it down.

The latest podcast

Now that the hysteria has begun to die down (for now) and the hangover begins to kick in (ooft), we look at some of the lessons that can be learned as well as a little live on-chain digging into what Jump Trading is doing.

🕵️‍♂️  Ape Chasers

Apechasers, given the current situation our best advice (which is never financial advice…duh!) is to keep safe, avoid the chop and if you do decide to ape do it from a strong position.

However we are apes, degens and alpha hunters SOOOO check out these past tools, hone your skills and get ready for round 2.

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