🎈 The Hottest Airdrops in Q4

airdrop incoming, Interpol heads into the Metaverse and JPM's questionable hire?

It’s Friday and Vitalik has been full sending the micro space with random cash tag tweets that have printed 6 figures for multiple people. BUT if you didn’t quite get into any of those, today we look at the hottest up-and-coming airdrops and how you can participate in them. Plus a jazzed-up news section with the good and the bad.

Let’s get to it serrrr.

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - Yo! Where Da Money AT?!• Bitesized bits - The good vs the badChart of the day - $BTC…needs a little hopium!• Ape Chasers - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic - Yo! Where Da Money AT?!

Because it sure isn’t in defi right now as TvL continues to nose dive on a daily basis. We’ve come a long way since hitting $176BN TvL on boxing day ‘22.

However, the total market cap of stablecoins has been….shall we say…stable?!

Ok so money is leaving defi, stables are fairly stable and the value of your favourite Bored Ape NFT keeps nuking. So where is it?

When you take yourself away from Twitter, Telegram and Discord you’ll see that VC’s are aping into the Web 3 space like never before. Remember, it’s a builder’s market and builders be building whilst degens play the casino and normies….well they’re doing all that normie stuff that normies do waiting for a thumbs up and high five from the Fed to start deploying their capital into risk-on assets.

Liquidity in the marketplace is at an all-time low and despite VC’s still aping into projects that money is sitting in real-life bank accounts yet to be deployed into this strange magical internet money we call crypto. All that’s running through my brain right now is wen Time?! wen OHM?! wen ponzi season?!

Ok cool so there’s not much money here and most of it’s in stables, boring….so let’s see where we can potentially make some lunch money.

Care package incoming!

Airdrops can print and some print very well. If you caught Xen and Aptos you might just be having steak for dinner instead of the usual ramen (ps…I love ramen!).

NOTE: use burner wallets when working with test nets on the off chance you catch a red herring. Focus on the “bluechip airdrops” like similar to DYDX, Uniswap Aptos and Berachain (it’s real!)

Here are some heavily anticipated airdrops that might be coming. Some are speculation but worth having a play around just on the off chance it happens.

Alpha tip, track your own wallets with notifications on so you don’t forget!


We should see zkSync go live in the next 1 to 2 weeks, assuming everything goes smoothly. This has been a heavily anticipated launch and airdrop. You can also check out OlimpioCrypto’s thread here.

Layer Zero

You might have seen Layer Zero being floated around on Twitter recently, especially after its recent partnership with Aptos and the TLDR is that it is an interoperability infrastructure layer. Miles Deutscher also leaves a great list of protocols that are building on Layer Zero that MAY increase eligibility;


It wouldn’t be crypto without a delay….which means there’s still time to play around to boost your eligibility.


Ok so Aptos can’t get all the fun right?! After all, Aptos vs Sui is the battle of the Facebook devs and big-baller VC money. Now there doesn’t look like there’s a lot of information out there right now BUT getting a few testnet tokens in prep wouldn’t be such a bad idea.


This will probably be fun to do and the chance of getting immersed in playing the game is likely quite high.

Aaaaaand just because we love the story and narrative that Berachain is creating, they’ll be releasing more information on how. So far we know that holding one of the NFT’s will give you a strong chance of gaining airdrops.

Ok soooo this could get really long really quickly so here are some other hot potential airdrops to take a look at. Feel free to jump into discord and ask any questions or if you’ve got some alpha on an airdrop.

Our Take

Like with most airdrops, a lot of it is speculation and taking a punt at potential free $$, and let’s be honest, making an extra $1,000 in the run-up to the Christmas season isn’t such a bad thing.

Looks like this weekend will be spent testing a whole bunch of the latest airdrops in hope of a little Christmas money as Nan needs a new set of false teeth, Mum wants a pink lambo and I’ve got to order the finest based Turkey that’s fit for a medieval banquet.

Useful Resources:

OlimpioCrypto gives a useful list of airdrops hereAirdrop Adventure Twitter accountEnigma Airdrop hunterEarndrop.io is a place to check for unclaimed airdrops and up-and-coming ones on Twitter.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

The Good

Is victory right around the corner for XRP? with the infamous Hinman documents in hand and Ripples General Counsel Stuart Alderoty Tweeted “I can say that it was well worth the fight to get them.”

Fidelity Ethereum bulls as the investment giant roll out Ethereum trading and custody to its institutional users.

IMPD…hands up! aka Interpol Metaverse Police Department. You heard it right, Interpol has formed “first-ever Metaverse specifically designed for law enforcement worldwide.” This is bullish as there are a lot of odd goblins lurking in the dungeons.

The great Cake proposal, as the BSC dex submits a multi-chain migration proposal to Aptos. If the proposal is passed the devs “will deploy four main features of the DEX, including swaps, farms, pools and initial farm offerings on Aptos by Q4 2022.”

The Bad

Axies $215m token unlock, the former gamefi bull run leader is potentially about to see another monstrous dump with its up-and-coming token unlock

BTC mining is finished, at $12,00 Frank Holmes, CEO of investment firm U.S. Global Investors. At this range bitcoin mining become unprofitable. Maybe CZ’s $500m loan scheme will help those in greatest need.

JPM’s latest crypto hire is none other than the Ex-Celcius executive Aaron Iovine as the executive director of digital assets regulatory policy. All this after CEO Jamie Dimon claimed, again, that cryptocurrencies are fraudulent and decentralized Ponzi schemes.

Is the metaverse dead or too early? Volume and usage declining week on week. Are we simply too early or has the hype completely faded out? After all the original metaverses were in the forms of RuneScape and World of Warcraft. Does VR tech need to upgrade first?

🛡 Chart of the day: $BTC

Our Take

Oh bitcoin, what are you doing to us? The story on the 4-hour chart doesn’t look great right now with a second ninja retest of the $18,895 mark. Market makers are hunting for liquidity and each wick represents a stop hunt where they sliced the stops and liquidations points in the chart.

Right now it looks like the market makers might be about to go on a long liquidation hunt, bleed and then slice down to bear cases 1 and 2.

Bull case, bounce off this $19,000 mark in another attempt to reclaim the $19,500 region and continue crabbing.

Bear case, break through $18,895 and slice right the way back down to $18,190 region.

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

A useful thread on Delta Neutral Strategies as being safe in a bear market and mitigating as much risk as possible will mean no (or limited) bear market wipeouts if you are actively trading.

The latest podcast

Grant is still TKO and we hope he's better next week so wishing him a speedy recovery over the weekend, so let's jump straight in as Vitalik has officially kicked start the microcap bull run with 2 iconic tweets, the copium is very real as people are printing 6 figures overnight and a deeper look into what's happening in the markets.

🕵️‍♂️ Ape Chasers

So, another week of pure alpha in the newsletter so your task Ape Chaser is to get one of the airdrops above done because the markets aren’t looking great right now so being stable, adding to your wallet tracker, and doing a cheeky airdrop is the best way to keep safe.

🎉 Friday Win of the Week

Bitboy loses it during one of his live streams in one of those “don’t hate the player hate the game” type moments.

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