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  • 🤖 ChatGPT’s Shocking Insights: LeBron, Elon & a CT influencer

🤖 ChatGPT’s Shocking Insights: LeBron, Elon & a CT influencer

PLUS will $PEPE mark the top?

May the 4th be with you, legends!

And firstly a massive thank you to J Powell for not nuking the markets again yesterday after raising rates by another 25 basis points. Bitcoin is back above $29,000 and Ethereum is clinging on to $1,900.

It has been another week of memes, rugs and yes… Curve Finance has finally deployed $crvUSD! So we’ve got a fun newsletter for you featuring ChatGPT, LeBron James, Elon and a CT Influencer.

But first, we want YOU to suggest a project that you want us to cover next week. We will feature the project that gets the most comments without hesitation. Let’s see which community has the best raid team!

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Need to know.
If you’ve only got 2 minutes.

The big story.
🤖 What do LeBron James, Elon Musk and a Crypto Twitter Influencer all have in common?

DeFi insights.
🖼 LeBron was spotted wearing RTKFT Nike Air Force 1
📅 Jim Cramer (parody) claims Euler is “deader than dead”
🦧 Degen corner: Will $PEPE mark the top of this mini cycle?

In the news.
🐮 Amazon NFT marketplace might launch May 15th 
🐻 Balaji loses his $1m BTC bet
👨🏻‍💼 What the FED?! CPI May 9th

Plus Twitter reads from @tedtalksmacro, @Gabrielhaines and @the_smart_ape!

🔥 The big story.
To make you think.

🤖 What do LeBron James, Elon Musk and a Crypto Twitter Influencer all have in common?

Not a lot.

But using Chat GPT I was able to find out LeBron’s opinion on Gary Gensler, which Star Wars Character Elon would be for May the 4th and what a CT influencer thinks the impact of memecoins has on the crypto industry.

Question 1: NBA Hall of Famer and forever legend LeBron James

LeBron James, what is your opinion on Gary Gensler's inconsistent stance on crypto as a security?

Hey there, ballers and investors! Let's talk about Gary Gensler and his flip-flopping game when it comes to cryptocurrencies. First, he's at the university, telling everyone that cryptos are not securities. Fast forward, and he's throwing punches left and right as the SEC chair. Talk about a change of heart!

Now, I'm not one to call foul, but consistency is key, my friends. It's like switching teams at halftime! We need regulators who understand the potential and power of cryptocurrencies, not ones who keep changing their playbook.

But hey, let's keep our heads in the game. Cryptos have shown they're here to stay, shaking up the financial world like a monster dunk. As investors, we've got to stay sharp, navigate the ever-changing landscape, and demand fair regulations that support innovation.

So, keep dribbling those coins, shooting for the stars, and remember, the game isn't over until the final buzzer sounds. Mamba mentality, on and off the court!

Stay in the game,

LeBron James

Oh Gary... you could have done a lot of good in the space!

Question 2: The Chief Twit and Space Entrepreneur Elon Musk

Elon, it’s May the 4th, which Star Wars character would you be and which blockchain would you launch an NFT collection on.

As we explore the frontiers of imagination and technology, let's embark on an exciting thought experiment together!

In the Star Wars universe, the character that resonates deeply with me is Han Solo—an audacious, boundary-pushing entrepreneur with a penchant for humour. As I pilot the Millennium Falcon, the possibilities become limitless.

Now, let's navigate the blockchain cosmos! After careful consideration, I would choose Ethereum as the launchpad for a Star Wars NFT collection. With its robust infrastructure and vibrant ecosystem, Ethereum provides an ideal platform to bring the Star Wars universe to life through digital collectables.

Imagine unique NFTs showcasing iconic characters, breathtaking scenes, and legendary artefacts, securely recorded on Ethereum's blockchain. Smart contracts would unlock interactive features, immersing fans in an unprecedented galactic experience.

Join me as we harness the power of imagination and blockchain to revolutionize fan engagement and redefine digital ownership!

May the 4th of innovation guide us,

Elon Musk

Baby Elon’s high school fancy-dress outfit

Question 3: The Crypto Twitter Influencer

Being a crypto Twitter larper myself, I asked Chat GPT to adopt the tone of a crypto Twitter tech writer to dig into the impact that meme coins have on the industry.

Today, let's journey into the wild world of meme cryptocurrency coins and their profound impact on the broader market. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the realm of Pepe and its counterparts!

Meme coins like Pepe bring an unexpected twist to the crypto industry. They challenge conventions, blur the lines between art and finance, and ignite a wave of excitement within the community. While some dismiss them as a mere joke, these tokens have managed to capture attention, spark conversations, and even generate substantial trading volumes.

But what about traditional finance? As memes and crypto intertwine, the question of their involvement arises. While they may not provide explicit advice, the emergence of meme coins has piqued their interest. As these tokens continue to evolve and mature, traditional finance might find ways to engage with them, whether through education, guidance, or responsible investing.

So, keep an eye on the memes, my friends. They may seem like a laugh, but their impact on the broader crypto market is no joke!

To the moon and beyond,

Pepe doing what Pepe does best

Our Take

It’s been a while since I last sat and aimlessly spoke to Chat GPT about what’s happening in the crypto industry and it's very interesting to see the answer it generates as there has been a lot of speculation as to which side of the line ChatGPT sits on.

After all, anything programmed by a human will have a bias.

Kind of like how Bitcoin maxis maximise over Bitcoin and Cardano maxis… they’re just cultists.

👀 DeFi insights & project updates.
Project updates, governance reports and industry secrets.

The World of DeFi

  • Aveo - Has extended its New Trader Incentive program until May 14th. (Twitter)

  • Camelot Dex - Join forces with Stride Zone to bring Cosmos to Arbitrum introducing the first stATOM/wstETH pool, with dual $GRAIL & $STRD incentives. (Twitter)

  • Curve Finance - the $crvUSD stablecoin has been successfully deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. Check out Curve Cap’s full crvUSD write-up here. (Twitter)

  • Eigen Layer - Stage 1 of mainnet is launching soon. You can express interest in restaking early and its benefits by filling out this form. (Twitter)

  • Euler Labs - Jim Cramer (parody account) claimed Euler is “deader than dead”. Inverse this and the Euler team might be up to something. (Twitter)

  • GammaSwap - Beta testnet is going through public testing on Ethereums Goerli Network. (Twitter)

  • Goblin Town - The NFT collection that confused traders during the last bull run is back with a season 2 mint. Giving 1,000 of the worst traders a WL spot and a 24-hour headstart. (Twitter)

  • Fantom - Possible AWS partnership coming up. (Twitter)

  • Pendle Finance - vePENDLE gets an upgrade soon including improved. gas fees and real yield rewards in $ETH. (Twitter)

  • Radiant Capital - Has been invited to join the GammaSwap x Rysk Finance trading completion alongside Rage Trade and Umami. (Twitter)

  • RTKFT - LeBron was spotted wearing RTKFT Nike Air Force 1 Genesis sneakers before the recent LA Lakers game. (Lucky Trader)

  • UniDex - Now uses liquidity from Velcore on zkSync meaning traders can a better swap rate with $65,000 of bribes up for grabs. (Twitter)

  • WSB Coin - A recent meme coin winner has rugged for 334 ETH. Play safe anon! (Twitter)

Governance Updates

  • Aave - Temperature check on Aave V3 GHO genesis parameters has finished voting and chosen Option A. (SnapShot)

  • Dao Times - This is one of the most eye-opening interviews done surrounding the vulnerabilities that plague governance. An honest take from a governance proposal exploiter. (Interview)

  • Level Finance - An attacker siphoned out of the referral contract 214,000 $LVL tokens. A remediation proposal has been submitted to the dao along with a message to the attacked on BSC Scan. (Proposal)

📊 Degen corner.
Charts, smart money or a degen idea.

Will $PEPE mark the top?

$PEPE 4H | DexScreener

$DOGE marked the top in May 2021 whilst $SHIB market the end of the 2021 bull in run Oct/Nov 2021.

Will $PEPE be the topping signal of this mini bull run? Or can it really hit $1bn MC after renewed hope as Fed Chair J Powell said: “US banking system is sound and resilient?”

Bull case. The FOMC meeting gave a last-minute dip to crypto markets before the continuation as BTC.D hits resistance and the ETHBTC chart might be indicating a push to the upside… if so… hello mini alt season!

Bear case. $PEPE was the meme that signalled the top as we all really do sell in May and go away for the summer.

🗞 In the news.
The important bits.

  • Cathie Woods buys another $COIN dip what does she know? (The Block)

  • Bhutan’s $500m Bitcoin mining fund to be set up by DHI and Jihan Wu’s Bitdeer to continue the country’s mining of Bitcoin. Bhutan began when $BTC was just $5,000. (The Block)

  • JPM CEO Jamie Dimon saves the day? After purchasing First Republic it claims it “pretty much solves the banking crisis.” (Daily Hodl)

  • Balaji loses as the US dollar remains strong or at least strong enough for him to lose his $1m bet. Shame… as a $1m Bitcoin would be great right now. (The Block)

  • “Tenet” blockchain enters the Cosmos and “will use liquid staking coins from other networks to secure its transactions.” (Cointelegraph)

  • Bitcoin Miners Earn $50bn in block rewards since 2010 whilst Joe Biden is set to impose a 30% “digital mining energy tax.” (Cointelegraph)

  • Amazon NFT marketplace launches May 15th according to NFT collector Mortiz. No official announcement from Amazon just yet. (Twitter)

👨🏻‍💼 What the FED?!

The FED hiked rates yesterday by another 25 basis points whilst reiterating they are still taking a “data-driven approach” and will “do more if necessary.” JP didn’t look too confident when taking the stand as he was roasted by journalists.

Next week we have the US CPI figures on Tuesday followed by the BOE (Bank of England) monetary report on Wednesday as big market movers.

🐥 Twitter reads.
In case you missed it.

@tedtalksmacro gives a tldr breakdown on yesterday’s FOMC meeting.

@Gabrielhaines is at it again, this time inspired by the @hashverse.

@the_smart_ape shares his smart money-finding dune dashboard along with his “how to” guide.

And on that note, thanks for reading, catcha apes in the next edition!

blocmates team 🫡

🤝 A final word.

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