仍 The King of Bitcoin Steps Down

The King of Bitcoin Michael Saylor steps down, Chainlink finally comes to the Metis ecosystem and Vitalik dumps a *rudely name coin*Mates, this is your Friday Catch Up

In Todays Catch Up:

  • Chart of the day $BTC

  • Hot News on the bloc

  • Interview with Avalabs and the next 100m users

  • The Rest of the Internet

  • Alpha on the bloc

Chart of the day $BTCTo say it has been a choppy few months is an understatement for Bitcoin as it has tried to reclaim higher positions before falling off a cliff again. We can see that we are slowly working our way back up towards a higher macro trend line. Judging by the RSI we still have some room to run before whatever may happen next. With this choppy move upwards we would certainly like to see a test of the purple boxed area and trend line.

$BTC daily chart 5 Aug 22

Hot News on the blocChainlink price feeds come to $METIS. A huge update for the MetisDao ecosystem as this will give users and developers access to high-quality data, secure node operators, transparency, and much more. Good timings as we have just written this in-depth article on MetisDao.The Golden Boot for Saylor? Maybe not quite yet as MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor steps into an Executive Chairman role where "I will be able to focus more on our bitcoin acquisition strategy and related bitcoin advocacy initiatives." The stock market also reacted favourably to the news as $MSTR hits a 3 month high.Vitalik dumps...again but this time it's a coin with a rather explicit name so click here to see the PeckShieldAlert. Seems like the devs were hoping to send it to a popular ENS for those who wallet track to ape in. However....it backfired and Vitalik kindly sold it back to the markets.A SLOPE for Solana as the blockchain gets exploited the SLOPE wallet on Tuesday night where $4m of funds were taken from almost 10,000 wallets. It is said that the private keys were compromised by "inadvertently being transmitted to an application monitoring service."Be a HXRO with HXRO network, a decentralised liquidity network, as they announce Convergence RFQ as an official application integration partner. We expect big things coming for both teams and will be deep diving into this announcement and what it really means.

Credit to Tristian0x for putting this together | image source Dune.com

AvaLabs Nick & John PodcastIn today's episode, Grant and Jedi sit down with AvaLabs to talk about the $AVAX core wallet, subnets, and the next 100million users through GameFi along with some of the projects they are currently working on. If you haven't already, check out what they're doing with Castle Crush.

AvaLabs on The AVALANCHE CORE WALLET, Subnets, Next 100 MILLION USERS Through GameFi

The Rest of the InternetEthical hackers, an unconventional job interview or a cyber muscle flex? As the Nomad hackers return $9m in funds to the exploited bridge which is a small portion of the $190m.AMTD Digital is the latest Wall Street meme that makes GameStop look like a noob. This never before heard fintech company has seen "the stock is up 21,400% to $1,679 apiece from its IPO price of $7.80." Giving this unknown company a $310bill MC, higher than Coca-Cola. Not even crypto micro caps do this well!Pelosi, sometimes even I can't sum up in words what she's doing as this stunt in Taiwan may have a larger, longer, and more impactful economic outcome. Is it a political statement or an insider semiconductor information gathering trip?A 27 year all time high for interest rates in the UK as the Bank of England raise rates by 50 basis points and projected the longest UK recession. Rising energy prices are a big factor as Ofgem increased the energy price cap by 54%.Even more Ethereum shills but this time it's from Kim K as she finds herself in a law case for promoting Ethereum Max on her Instagram to "artificially inflate the price" which isn't the first time we've seen this happens as investors fight back. DYOR if you are to google what this is.

meeeewning | image from CNBC

Alpha blocThese are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: $JOE, $JUNO, $ACE, $SWISE and the $METIS ecosystem $HUM, $HERMES and $HERAA Jedi's Wisdom: "Right now sentiment is so beautifully divided in an obvious way. Really clever people are disagreeing with one another on where we are at. Some are saying we are at a bottom and others are adamant still have a way to go before the bottom. I do not remember the last time we had a clear hardcore bull vs bears. Pentoshi - full bear vs Clark - Bottom is in. These two are super clever dudes I am totally intrigued to see who is wrong."

Pooch of the WeekWe couldn't decide on a pooch of the week sooooo here's a collage of the blocmates community pooches. Thank you to those who sent them in this week.

We love our pooches at blocmates

From the blocThe Latest Podcast, Nomad Bridge HACKED | Where is ETH Headed After The Merge | Low Cap ALTCOIN Picks | Trader Joe SZN? Spotify | YoutubeA Useful Read, What is Metis DAO and The METIS Token?The Latest Tweet, Shill your pets on this Tweet to be featured in next Friday's editions of The Catch-Up.The Ape Enclosure, Need help funding a projection? Well, we've got you covered. If you've got a good idea then send us an email at [email protected] or reach out on Twitter.

It's been a good week that, see you Sunday for The Recap Mates

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