🤡 Memechain season is coming

SudoSwap wen drop and FTX suspends ETH transfers

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Today we take a look at Memechains. From the recently launched Dogechain, to Shiba’s up-and-coming Shiberium and one you might not have heard of Bera Chain.

Could Shibarium’s memeability, coupled with a mid-term rally and some CNBC news coverage from Jimmy C, be what brings the normies back in crypto? Or are the memories of Q4 ‘21 still haunting the masses?

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - Memechains and normies• Bitesized bits - SudoSwap wen drop?! Live and let Dai, and FTX suspend ETH transfersChart of the day - $DXY, she’s having a diva strop but is she heading to 120?• Hidden Alpha - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic

Brace yourself….for Memechains and Normies

The normies have been lurking for long enough and it’s time that they reappear and reappear with haste so that we can, once again, bath in the glory of daily 10% green candles.

Everyone loves a meme coin and let’s be honest now, they printed a lot of millionaires in the previous bull run along with gaining a lot of media coverage.

Ok, they may not be coming, BUT memechains, yes memechains could be the firecracker needed to bring the normies back in especially if we do see an end-of-year midterm rally.


What are they? Simply put they are chains that have been brought to life from some of the most successful meme coins like doge or shib which allow for a brand new era of innovation, technology and micro-cap pump and dumps (well maybe thats more so on Dogechain). Below are 3 memechains to keep an eye on.

Shibarium. is the heavily anticipated L2 that will bring the Shib ecosystem together and, like always, try to solve the issue of high gas fees. What’s unique about the Shibarium is that each token will have its own utility, see below (ps. thanks to @ZoomerOracle for this twitter thread).

Essentially, making every token in the ecosystem somewhat deflationary (that’s pretty bullish imo). Keep an eye on xFUND as it is the oracle provider for ShibaSwap and has a max supply of 8,880 which will be fully in circulation come October ‘22.

The big projects to look forward to is the launch of the Shiba Metaverse including the WAGMI temple and Shiba Eternity (developed by Playside Studios and William Volk former Activision VP of Tech) a multiplayer trading card game.

Bera Chain by the Bong Bears. Just the name alone puts it into this category dev’d by @itsdevbear, @SmokeyTheBera and Papa Bear (anon). We will be deep diving Bera Chain soon but the TLDR is “an EVM-compatible L1 built on the Cosmos SDK, powered by Proof of Liquidity Consensus designed to make capital more productive so there is less of a reason for users to leave the chain.” Therefore HONEY (Bera stablecoin) = Money.

Dogechain, is a kind of bridge to give more utilisation to the dogecoin itself. You can see it as a L2 built on top of Polygon to bridge Doge into wDoge to be traded in the usual fashion. Note this has no affiliation with the original Dogecoin team. Check this article out for an in-depth look at Dogechain.

Our Take

Depending on which camp you lay, degen vs innit for the tech you’ll have a very different view on memechains. However, what Shibarium is doing and has done since launch has been extremely smart with a story narrative that will be hard to replicate in any way shape, or form. Just look at all the Ryoshi larp in the microcap space over the last 6 months. As there is actual tech going on over there we’ve got high hopes of its longer-term success

Bera Chain, for all memes-and-purposes, genuinely looks like it has the legs to do something new, novel, and innovative (check out this thread from @burstingbagel). Bera’s Proof of Liquidity consensus will allow investors to stake their assets to a validator to secure the network whilst also providing liquidity on chain (and liquidity is an issue at the moment with all of the chain rotators!)

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

Fan token season is coming as Fifa launch NFT’s on Algorand.

Live and let Dai, is MakerDAOs end game hidden inside MetaDAO?

SudoSwap but wen Drop?! The team announces distribution of tokens.

The future is ETH as BTC futures drop as traders make their bets on the merge.

FTX suspends ETH transfers to and from secondary chains Arbitrum, Solana and BSC.

🛡Chart of the day: $DXY

Our Take

Yeah, we wish this was a meme chart because that is a beautifully, consistent, clean parabolic run we’ve seen in a while. $DXY on the monthly chart is up up up and away. If you’ve read previous articles or been on Twitter recently you’ll know that the $DXY is in charge of EVERYTHING right now and she’s having a diva strop. Probably best to proceed with caution with investments right now.

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

Here’s a great thread from Bobby Ong discussing the ETH POW tokens and what you can do to position yourself in the lead-up to and after the merge. Take note that there is likely to be scammer doing fake airdrops so make sure what you have is legit!

The latest podcast

If you missed it on Friday, Jedi gives Dan some life advice about not fading his own advice and a look into the strength and unstoppable power behind ATOM and MATIC. Dan shares his story shorting MATIC before full send. Plus more from Pelosi, Jim Cramer, J Powell and Arbitrum turns on the turbo boosters as its Nitro upgrade goes live.

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🎉 Monday Mooning Motivation

Together in this bear market ice cold winter we will thrive and thrive as a community we shall.

🕵️‍♂️ Hidden Alpha

Soooo you want a 5-minute head start against the rest of the market, well here are our picks to add to your watchlist:

Fan Tokens, featuring again this week as Fifa are jumping in ready to front run the world cup. DYOR but this could be a mover in the lead-up as footy fans want to get in on the action.

Shiba ecosystem, $BONE, $LEASH, $TREAT $SHI and $xFund Each has a part to play in the Shibarium with $BONE being the biggest (used as gas). As always wait for smart pullbacks

Stables. Boring but important alpha.

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