🎃 Narrative Hunters: November Edition

Doge to $1?! FriesDao gets hacked AND Jack is well and truly BACK!

Happy Halloween Mates, we hope you got plenty of treats over the weekend and didn’t get into trouble with the ghosts and go missing! We have a huge week ahead of us with a variety of Fed news and numbers coming up alongside the mid-term elections. It’s (almost) the start of the month so let’s take a look at some narratives, useful tools, and the bullish case for a dollar Doge.

Pens at the ready anon, we are going narrative hunting.

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - Narrative Hunters: November Edition• Bitesized bits - Zucks features as Metazuckbot in upcoming web3 game, Musk throws his birds around and Jack is BACK!Chart of the day - $DOGE, then vs Now• Ape Chasers - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic - Narrative Hunters: November Edition

Uptober almost kinda basically didn’t happen and we are just days away from the US mid-term elections and the supposed infamous mid-term rally….if it happens then Doge may just have been the signal.

Let’s get a head start on the month and see what narratives and events are coming.

What the Fed?!

Here are the big Fed events that will rock the markets this week. Depending on your trading style there may be opportunities waiting for you volatility hunters.

The times below are shown in UTC + 0.


If you tuned in to Friday’s podcast you’d have caught us speaking about LayerZero, projects to look into, and why there is a bullish thesis around it. If not check it out.

For the full goings on in the ecosystem check out Jedi’s thread below.


Oh yes, the Aribrtum ecosystem is once again begging to heat up with the airdrop looming and word on the street something big happening towards the end of November.

Expect memes, expect volatility and expect your favouirtes to potentially make a move as degens jump on the boat, bridge over, and start using the ecosystem. Keep an eye out as the Odessy quests are set to restart soon.

Our advice, keep an eye out on Arbi CMO Andrew Saunders's Twitter aka “The Arbinator”, as this genius is taking community engagement to the next level as well as dropping subtle alpha hints and good banter. Happy Halloween LEGEND!


A huge narrative play that might only just be getting started and the impact that this could have on web3 space could potentially be tenfold.

Factors to consider:• Twitter creating it’s own wallet• You’ll likely need Doge to make transactions including microtransactions to help avoid spam bots and tip influencers• BNB, after all, CZ did ape in and it’s likely that Twitter will need to build on chain• If SBF joins forces then there’s a connection to the trading app Robinhood and the instant of millions of degens

If Twitter becomes fully web3 native with Doge and BNB working their magic behind the scenes, could this not be the perfect catalyst for normies?! Could this also have been Elons plan all along?! After all, Doge is one of the most recognised tokens on the planet. And will the Shib team be able to perfectly time the release of Shibarium with an upcoming alt-coin meme season run?!

Here are a few other notable events that are happening in Q4, Sui mainnet release, Stark token release, Chainlink staking release, Phase 2 of Hegic’s liquidity mining goes live on 11/11, AAVE GHO stable coin release and crvUSD launch.

Our Take

There is always a lot going on in crypto and these are just a couple of the narratives that are worth keeping an eye on. Sometimes it’s coins that aren’t shiny or new that can see huge returns being generated. After all, investing should be boring for most and you buy low, wait….wait some more…..wait a little more and then when it happens take profit however many days/months down the line.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

The Bullish

Zucks is a supervillain, in the up-and-coming gaming experience from AMGI Studios. The Rabbit Hole features the My Pet Hooligan NFT Collection as the bunnies defend Web3 from the corporate overlord, Metazuckbot.

Educational Regenerative Potato Farming, comes to the Roblox metaverse as global frozen food maker McCains wants young consumers to grow potatoes in the Metaverse to learn about the challenges facing farmers. Chip butty anyone?!

Big tech lays off bullish for web 3, as hiring continues to grow in the bear market in the web 3 space as we see the big tech tradfi giants parting ways with their staff. A tradfi loss is a web 3 gain as builders be building.

Jack’s back, with Bluesky. The Co-Founder and Former CEO of Twitter is making a decentralised social media app to rival Musk’s take over. At the time of writing Bluesky is undergoing beta testing. Begs the question of why he stepped down from Twitter in the first place if this was the end game.

The Bearish

FriesDAO hacked, in another massive blow to crypto as the L2 fast food restaurant social experiment gets exploited for $2.3m.

Lights out for Twitter's top birds, as Elon throws his doge around and lets go of Twitter’s top executives. An attempt to avoid $100m+ in payouts or the harsh reality behind Twitter execs hiding the truth behind the bots?

Crypto winter = Google winter, as the tech giant claims that the crypto bear market has had an impact on business due to the decrease in crypto-related search traffic. However we’d like to believe that the recent partnership with Coinbase will, long term, have a positive impact on the space.

Not all sunshine and rainbows, as Doge liquidations hit close to $100m over the weekend with close to $647bn in Doge open interest. Oh yes, anon we can see how this ends!

🛡 Chart of the day: $DOGE

Heres how it started….

aaaaand…..heres how its going

Our Take

So, a lot happened with Doge over the weekend so let’s look at then vs now as Doge saw an epic break out to the upside. Currently going through a cool-off period before its potential next leg. With the Twitter narrative that’s happening at the moment, all eyes are firmly on Doge and Musk’s Twitter for a Doge tweet.

Bull case, if the Doge bulls can keep momentum and hold above the $0.11 region, and break out past $0.12 then there’s no reason in the short term we don’t see the next checkpoint of $0.16 and then $0.21.

Bear case, the Doge bears win and the rally failed. They push the price back down to recover the imbalance in the chart in that $0.06 to $0.08 region.

Hypothetical situation, imagine we get an unexpected end-of-year bull run where Elon and CZ rule the roost implementing all of the bullishness into Twitter and we see a $1 Doge. Imagine that.

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Locked and loaded.

As an alpha hunter, you need the right tools with the right ammo. Hoeem breaks down 9 essentials that you can add to yours.

The latest podcast

Check it, last Friday’s podcast we went into detail about the up-and-coming momentum that Arbitrum is likely to see as well as going deep into some of the Layer Zero gems to pay attention to.

🕵️‍♂️ Ape Chasers

Ape chasers, this week’s task is super simple. We’ve identified potential narratives with a few key dates and a bunch of super useful tools to add to your toolbox.

This week's task:

Pick one of the alpha hunting tools from Hoeems toolbox thread above and delve into it looking at the Arbitrum and Layer Zero Ecosystems. Any interesting finds feel free to share them in the discord as the team will be doing the same.

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