👀 Narrative Hunters 'Oct Edition

Solana outage? No worries NFT szn, CME slams FTX and Defi is Tiktok

*cue music* It’s the final countdown! Yes anon we have entered into the final Q of the year with what many are anticipating to paaaaamp with a midterm rally, a fed pivot and Santa Claus making our wishes come true. If Uptober is a real thing and the mid-term rally really does happen then let’s take a look at some potential hot narratives for October to bring our portfolios back to life.

You might have seen a bunch of CT’ers tweeting from Token 2049 last week and the blocmates team went to get the alpha…here’s what was found.

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - Narrative Hunters ’Oct Edition• Bitesized bits - Solana outage? No worries NFT szn, CME slams FTX and Defi is TiktokChart of the day - $EGLD, what if?• Hidden Alpha - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic - Narrative Hunters Oct

Here we go anon, the final run-up to completing your new years resolutions, getting dressed up like a ghostbuster for Halloween, and opening up an endless box of quality street chocolates!

So in preparation for of Uptober, the midterms, and the FEDs potential pivot as the SPX has rugged us faster than a sleepy dev in the microcap space, let’s take a look at where the attention might be placed.

What the Fed?!

Let’s start with What the Fed is coming this month with notable dates as there’s a lot that can move the market. Check out the Forex Factory for more details and to keep up to date. All times below are UTC + 1 (UK time).

• Tue Oct 4 at 3:00 pm - JOLTS Job Openings• Fri Oct 7 at 1:30 pm - Non-farm employment change & unemployment rate• Wed Oct 12 at 7:00 pm - FOMC meeting minutes• Thurs, Oct 13 at 1:30 pm - CPI & Core CPI m/m• Wed Oct 19 at 7:00 am - CPI y/y• Fri Oct at 1:30 pm - Core PCE Price Index m/m

World Cup ‘22 It’s Coming Home!

That’s right, the Fifa world cup is right around the corner so it only makes sense to keep an eye on world cup narrative tokens.

ALGO partnered with Fifa which is a news attention economy hype, but it works. Keep an eye on the volume in the chart to see if insiders are front-running any news.

CHZ and Fan tokens as the closer we get the more patriotic each nation’s fans become. Keep in mind that socios.com signed a $20m contract with Argentinas Lionel Messi.

zkSync hits mainnet

We should see this go live towards the end of the month so it would make sense that there’s a narrative pump around zero-knowledge protocols and the zkSync ecosystem.

We’ll keep an eye on this to see if this narrative has the same impact as Optimism. Check out this guide on ZK’s and some project ideas.

Potentially keep RSR on your watchlist as they hit mainnet on October 10th

Solana Killers

The time is near and VC-funded hype trains APTOS and SUI could make more of an impact. We broke down the two protocols on Friday so check out the article here. We’ll keep you posted in the discord on the early movers and airdrop potential. There are going to be VC sharks over there but on a new, shiny, VC-heavy funded chain there will be opportunities RIPE for the picking.

LiteCoin & Elrond

We’ve seen it time and time again, conferences have been a catalyst to pump tokens in a buy the rumour sell the news fashion, just look at ATOM. Even new tokenomics haven't proped the price of ATOM up.

Litecoin summit is on October 21-22 in Las Vegas featuring WWE legend Danielle Moinet, UFC “legend” Ben Askren, and plenty of industry leaders and Litecoin devs.

Elrond’s X Day hosted in Paris’ iconic Palais Brongniart on November 3-5. Remember what EGLD did in the previous bull run? Yeah, devs have been quietly working on Staking Phase 4, Elrond Gamify and Defi 2.0 Lending & Synthetics (and more) coming out by EOY.

CRV Stablecoin

If you’ve been following the Curve narrative then you’ll know CRVusd is supposedly coming out this month. We’ll probably know when insiders have been buying by big random spikes volume candle spikes on the chart.

Our Take

There’s plenty more but these are some of the potential hot up and coming narratives for October and to sum it up in a TLDR fashion:

• What the Fed?! Plenty of dates that could move markets.• World Cup is almost here and football narrative tokens could moon.• zkSync hits mainnet, so we may see its ecosystem or ZK narrative plays pop.• APTOS and SUI ecosystem plays• Litecoin and Elrond conferences are coming, buy the news sell the rumour?• CRVusd, stables are hot topic and curve is defi lamas #2 in TVL

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

Solana Outage? No worries as Solana NFT mints continue to hit all-time highs in September. Solana NFT szn?!

CME slams FTX.US, and then does a 180 and “proposes to regulators its own plan to offer derivatives trading directly to consumers.”

The bottom is in? As crypto exchanges reported a 16% increase in trading volume after a 3-month lull or were it just a bunch of LUNC degens aping in?

The future of Defi is in TikTok, as more and more degens use the platform to seek out crypto wisedom. Could the combo of Tiktok, Reddit, and trading app Robinhood be the trigger needed for mass adoption?

Is the ETH merge priced in? Arthur Hayes, Co-founder of BitMex believes it is’t and is probably 6-12 months away from that light bulb “ohhhh now I get it moment".”

🛡 Chart of the day: $EGLD

Our Take

What if? EGLD is forming a W on the weekly chart, which if you know your patterns is bullish. Looking at momentum Oscillators such as RSI, MACD, and OBV are starting to curl to the upside. We mentioned above that EGLD is having a conference in November so could this be a sign of what’s to come?

Bullish case, if the momentum continues then we could see EGLD push up towards the $53-54 zone where its first major resistance is.

Bearish case, if the market nukes then a $44 or below EGLD is potentially on the cards regardless of the up-and-coming bullish catalysts.

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

Here’s a great ready from @ColdBloodShill on becoming a better trader. One of the best things you can definitely do is find your tribe within the space to learn, share ideas, and generally have a good time.

The latest podcast

One from the archives with @SeiNetwork. Since speaking to the team they have secured $5m in funding along with a number of key partnerships including @Nitro_Labs (bridging Solana over to Cosmos) who we spoke to last week and will be releasing the podcast very soon.

🎉 Monday Motivation

Applying what you’ve learnt in the virtual world and applying it to the real world is a super useful skill. @blocmatesdotcom does exactly that by making a fair game trade over a few cheeky ones and looks like he bagged himself a pair of fresh (Guccis) slip ons.

🕵️‍♂️ Hidden Alpha

Soooo you want a 5-minute head start against the rest of the market, well here are our picks to add to your watchlist:

Scroll up ANON, we’ve just given some of the hottest narratives that are coming this month.

Stables, responsible trading through chop.

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