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Bellatrix goes live, NBA shooting 3's and FTX 🤝 GME

It’s Friyaaaay!

Before we get into it today, we just want to pay a moment of respect for the Queen who sadly passed away yesterday.

And now….the big green button has been pressed and Bellatrix (the initiation part of the merge) has been successfully completed. Eth devs right now “LETSGOOOO”, they’ll take no prisoners to ensure a smooth transition into Paris so don’t even think about trying to spoil this party anon!

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The Big Topic - Play, Eat, Sleep, Earn, Repeat….Is Web3 relevant in gaming?• Bitesized bits - Bellatrix goes live, NBA shooting 3's and FTX 🤝 GMEChart of the day - Bitcoin…has the King woken from his rest?• Hidden Alpha - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic

Play, Eat, Sleep, Earn, Repeat….Is Web3 relevant in gaming?

Yes, but we are super early. The kind of early where you simply can’t decide what character to roll because the mage looks OP compared to the warrior which looks OP to the hunter. So, let’s roll all 3 and see what happens in a land yet to be discovered.

The first season of GameFi kicked off with an epic bull run towards the end of ‘21. Unfortunately, we can see that a number of devs weren’t in it for the gameplay. However, what we are seeing now in the GameFi space is real games, developed by top-tier game developers from some of the largest gaming companies in the world in order to create and innovate the first real generation of Web3 triple-A games.

Before we begin the official raid below, let’s not forget that a game is a game regardless of what goes on in the back end. Gameplay is the most important part as we all play games for fun, the community, and escapism.

What does Web 3 allow?

Ownership, identity, and a legacy memoir. Looking back over the years I’ve played over 10,000 hours of games from Runescape, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and plenty of mobile games. But what do I have to show for it (apart from a few youtube videos)? Apart from good memories, not much, my characters are somewhere in their own unique metaverses owned by the overseer.

The very essence of web3 gaming means that you can own your gaming accounts. Your invested time translates into an investment that can be transferred to others and more importantly into a wider market. A market that will thrive and create that essential positive feedback loop. Providing longevity and sustainability in these games. And let’s be honest, you become your playable character to its very core.

A legacy memoir, after all, the blockchain is a live, ever-growing history book that can in fact be used to see who were the world firsts to slay the mightiest of raid bosses, achieve the maximum skill count, or simply the first person to discover a secret hidden area of the map. It could be said that the blockchain was created for this very thing!

Of course, it allows for interoperability between different chains in order for players to take or harness items from another game or metaverse. Imagine taking your latest Call of Duty skin pack of Chuck Norris and applying it to your Dwarf Warrior….a weird idea BUT totally doable…. a Lerrrrroy Jeeeenkins moment for those who remember.

Like Web2 games it creates opportunities for a whole other avenue of content and wealth to be generated through scholarships as we have seen with our friends at Avocado Guild and good old-fashioned YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Messari recently reported that over $30bn has been invested into crypto in H1 ‘22 with over $4bn being funneled straight into GameFi…follow the smart money we say as adoption of games is much simpler than explaining the latest real yield staking apy generating liquidity pool. Mass adoption incoming!

Some Magic Hocus Pocus

We have a few barriers to entry to knock down, one of which is the identity crisis of Web3 vs Web2. At its core heart, a game is a game, nothing more, nothing less. Mass adoption happens when users don’t even know the game they are playing has a web3 backend and chances are mobile gamers are going to be the ones that experience it first.

Our Take

We recently co-hosted a Zebu Live Twitter spaces (click here to listen in) with a panel of leading gaming developers and thinkers from the likes of Avocado Guild, Resurgence, Gala Games, Chain Guardians, Animoca, Avalabs and many more.

What it all means and what the future holds is truly remarkable, and this discussion was a wonderful perspective of taking a walk into the future of how gaming will allow for blockchain adaption for all. This is all about your mum playing a game and not knowing that is on the blockchain just that there will be a benefit in some way that might extend beyond just gameplay.

Major challenges for developers are ease of use and frictionless onboarding. Once again gaming will be the medium that innovates and lubricates the process for mass adoption.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

BNB joins in the ZK party as they announce the launch of zkBNB

Shooting Hoops as the NBA slam dunk their way into web3 with Solare

Algorand gets an upgrade to boost TPS and cross-chain security through state proofs

FTX 🤝 GME announce a retail partnership for customers to access FTX’s digital space

Bellatrix is LIVE and history is about to be made

🛡Chart of the day: $BTC

Our Take

It’s ALIVE! or maybe the King has been jealous of his Queen Ethereum as she has been stealing the show, and so she should, given the merge is right around the corner. Are the Bitcoin bulls finally waking up? and on this daily timeframe we want this to be a clean break and retest of the 0.382 Fibonacci line, the first step into reclaiming the $20,000’s

Pumping from an oversold RSI zone and edging towards gaining some positive momentum on the MACD…maybe, just maybe Bitcoin will have a short-term run to the golden 0.618 Fibonacci line.

But then again if the DXY decides to be a diva this goes out the window very quickly!

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

A fantastic thread from @Eli5_Defi with a visual learning experience on Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) which will of course have an impact on the Ethereum 2.0 Merge.

The latest podcast

Wommbander in Chief @Definidude from, Wombat Exchange, parachutes in for today’s show as he sits down with Grant and talks about the hyper-efficient stable swap 2.0 protocol.

The Wommbandeers hit a record-breaking $217m stable coin TvL in 24 hours, hit rank 3 on defi lama, have 15%+ supply staked & the first stable swap to adopt a single-sided liquidity pool design on BNB

🎉 Friday Win of the Week

Yeah had to be….and a non-shameless plug for you to tune into blocmates every Monday and Friday as we drop alpha, entertainment, and break down the news in its most real form. @degentraland you sir have won the internet this week!

🕵️‍♂️ Hidden Alpha

Soooo you want a 5-minute head start against the rest of the market, well here are our picks to add to your watchlist:

ENS, 3 and 4-digit ENS names have been quietly mooning. Whoever managed to get 6969.eth or 1337.eth will hit legendary status

Comos, right now it’s hard to fade the narrative that might be looming given the performance of ATOM compared to the rest of the market.

Stables. Yup still going to promote safe trading and stables.

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