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What a week it has been for TradFi and DeFi. From big tech earnings, to the FOMC to Pelosi causing up a stir....AGAIN!This is your Sunday Catch Up.Editors Note: If you have a powerful spam filter please set our emails to "safe" or "not spam" and make sure you have added them to your "main" section in your Gmail if using categories as we'd hate you to lose out on the alpha first!

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Chart of the Week BitcoinIt has to be Bitcoin this week as we are getting closer and closer to reclaiming the 200 EMA and a second straight week of green candle closure. But we won't jinx it! All eyes are on Bitcoin and the TradFi markets right now to see if and how long we can sustain this upwards momentum. Jump in the blocmates discord and give us your opinion on what you see happening. Did we hit a bottom or is this a fake-out?

Bitcoin on the weekly timeframe (31/7/22)

Big Stories of the WeekFOMC as expected or better than expected? The markets reacted favourably to the FOMC meeting this week which may mean that the markets were preparing for a more hawkish meeting as "Powell hints Fed could slow the pace of rate hikes"...COULD being the keyword.ETH merger...finally! Save the dates Aug 6-12 for the final Gorelli test net merger to occur which means ETH 2.0 is right around the corner transitioning to a Proof of Stake BlockchainΒ What an absolute classic! ETH has been in the news quite a lot recently, Vitalik recently spoke at EthCC and "presented the chain as a "fine" PoW alternative to Ethereum" which lead to ETC pumping. What will this mean post ETH 2.0? Can ETC come back to life off the back of ETH 2.0?SBF, good? bag? or Neautrally good? We discussed this on the podcast as he is throwing big bucks are acquiring a number of failing crypto exchanges and projects. Is he doing it for the love of crypto or because there are $$$ to be made? We say neutrally good as the Voyager takeover can mean users get their dollars back.Polygon biz dev team is at it again, and this time they have scored a partnership with Mercedes. Mercedes will be using Polygon to help launch their data sharing network Acentrik tailored "corporate users, with Know Your Business with NFT representing each dataset and metadata hash stored with it."

HXRO Labs Gunny meets the blocmates

When Gunny met the blocmates

Across the WebFinal Fantasy VII gets NFT collectibles, as the developers Square Enix have teamed up with Enjin to make tokenised cards and figures to celebrate the 25th-anniversary using Enfinity. This is great news for the gaming industry as big developers/publishers are starting to adopt the techonology.Twitter vs Elon Round 1 the date is set for these two giants to duke it with pistols at dawn on October 17th where the courts will dig into Elon trying to back out of the deal that would have seen this space ape taking over Twitter for $44bn. Apple does it again by beating profits and revenue estimates. The tech giant never fails to surprise as many big tech stocks slumped during their July earnings. Apple CEO Tim Cook still sees growth accelerating into the final Q22 and despite inflation will continue to invest. What's Pelosi up to? Insider trading put to one side, Pelosi is once again causing up a stir with her (potential) upcoming visit to Taiwan which has caused tension between China and the USA as Pelosi thinks it best to show support for Taiwan. Does this have anything to do with her husband, Paul Pelosi, dumping semi-conductor stocks recently?

Here's a recap from the blocThe Latest Podcast,Β Why UNI could moon | ETC is the real Ethereum | Synapse Chain | Crawley Town FC sign first NFT playerThe Latest Article, Stablecoins, Defi and Regulations Giga threadThe Latest Tweet, The Ape Enclosure. Need help funding a projection? Well, we've got you covered. If you've got a good idea then send us an email at [email protected]Β 

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