🕵️‍♂️ The Top 5 Contagion Events in November

plus Arbitrum CMO Andrew Saunders joins us on the podcast whilst SBF gets an 8 part mini series on Amazon

Yoyo, GM to you and Happy belated Thanksgiving!

This week again didn’t fail to deliver as Metamask is tracking out IP’s, Bob Iger is back in charge of Disney and Avi got rekt by CRV giga chads.

Today, it’s story time as we take a look at the 5 biggest contagion events that happened in November. Maybe this month really truly is a bottoming signal?!

PS. Next week we are having a change of format.

Monday’s edition will be The Research Ape including some giga tweets, upcoming projects, market movements, and governance.

Thursday’s edition will be a big topic + the hot gossip in the news.

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• The Big Topic - The Top 5 Contagion Events in November• Bitesized bits - Binances $1bn bailout fund, Consensys is spying on your MetaMask and SBF gets an 8-part mini-series filmed by the Russo Brothers• Chart of the day - $GBTC what happens next?• Ape Chasers - The Binance $1bn wallet plus a look at where smart money might be

November, JFC what have you done to us?!

Like come on…it has been one conspiracy after another after another that finally led to yet another one and judging by the sentiment on crypto Twitter we are in a state of anger, depression and bank running the year’s profits to buy a Lambo with racing stripes and roll off into the sunset.

BUT before you do let the sun set on a wild month, here are the Top 5 contagion events.

5. Cex, drugs and 100x

Even if you were to try and log out of the crypto metaverse this story has been publicly broadcast across all global news channels.

That’s right coming in at number 5 is Cex, Drugs and 100x as we saw the SBF empire come crumbling down taking with it some of the biggest financial names within the crypto space. Even this act of cex, drugs and 100x abuse isn’t going to put poster boy Kevin O’Leary placing another bet on Sam. Here’s the full clip of why Kevin said yes.

It wasn’t just a bunch of *sh…* coins that SBF took out, it was respected financial institutes, and crypto lenders with ramifications that will continue to reveal themselves long into the future. Until then CZ will continue throwing the sink at him taking over his empire bit by bit.

Ok the CEX side of this story, it was a quiet night in the FTX mansion before it happened, business as usual some might say, and on that fateful winter morning of the 8th of November, it all went Pete Tong as SBF went toe to toe with CZ. Toe to toe in such a way that saw the FTT token price crash from $22 down to a lonely dollar. Fast forward 3 days and CZ be like “yea but no” Sam, on 11th November, filed chapter 11…aka bankruptcy.

As you can imagine this brought into question every other major exchange and what’s happening under the bed sheets which caused a storm on crypto Twitter demanding for transparency aka Proof of Reserves…which brought about even more questions such as why Crypto.com’s holding of SHIB is considerably higher than their Ethereum stack…(wen shibarium?!)

Oh dear… now DRUGS, ok let’s keep this PG anon as talking about amphetamines, a rumoured video recording of certain goblins associated with said exchange, and other taboo activities aren’t what you want to be seeing right before the weekend…because what has been seen cannot be unseen!

And then there was 100X, it’s the adrenaline rush you can’t describe. It’s the buzz every addict needs. And it’s that gut-wrenching moment you feel when your gold corn go poof. All that whilst every responsibility you have in life flashes before your eyes because you got sliced, diced and your magical internet beans a no more.

Oh Caroline why you do dis?!

As for Tabasco, this tweet ironically marked the end of the monstrous up only god tier candle that began in Oct ‘20 to then come crashing down in Apr ‘21.

Thanks for that Tabasco…

The moral of the story here is to have safe cex and pull out before the situation becomes irreversible. Because the only ones with true superpowers are the market makers.

4. Is SBF Chef Nomi?

Is he also Ryoshi? Satoshi? and Marios PA Sarah?

After confirmed reports, Sarah the pa is not SBF and we’ll focus on the Chef.

Enter Chef Nomi.

It was this tweet that the UpOnlyTV host Cobie brought to the attention of crypto Twitter…

Let’s be real now, this tweet from Chef Nomi seems a little sus as it’s just that little bit too over the top.

How did this all come about? Well, Chef Nomi…was vampire mining. This is where the funds are drained to siphon its liquidity to another sauce…eg Sushi to Uni. Chef Nomi pulled over $14m worth of Sushi and Eth liquidity from the pool…but gave them back because he’s just that kinda guy.

Now, the degen inside me wouldn’t be surprised that this was part of the plan, pull it then gift it back, whilst running 100x shorts on Sushi so that those in the FTX mansion could reap the profits, glory and humbly brag to each other whilst playing a game or two of League of Legends.

I must note this is just speculation BUT given the rainbow road that is crypto, I wouldn’t be surprised. This defi detective medium article breaks down exactly what happened.

So, is SBF Chef Nomi?! Maybe, maybe not but it does read that way. For my sanity, I hope he’s not Ryoshi because the micro-cap space needs a bit of Ryoshi larp’.’

3. The 3AC boys are back on the block

Enter Cobies Tweet…

And like in a super dramatic, perfectly well-timed season finale of Hollyoaks (basically the UK version of Neighbours), the bad guys walk back into town ready to cause a stir. Then, out of nowhere, Zhu Su responds with a very charming “GM” tweet after almost 6 months in hibernation.

Then Kyle made a very casual appearance on CNBC and got completely pied in the face by CNBC presenter Becky Quick who so bluntly asked “are you in Bali because Indonesia is one of 7 countries that won’t extradite you back to the USA?”

Annnnd cue awkward stuttered. “N…n…n…nope".”

The first question that comes to mind is “Why now?” Crypto is a game of well-timed opportunities and with SBF being put through the wringer it seems as if the lads are going to capitalise on someone else being the bad guy because don’t forget how 3AC led to a multibillion-dollar landslide that took out the likes of Celcius and Voyager on the way down. from $10bn to zero…ooft!

So is 3 Arrows Capital back on the block to deflect the attention onto SBF to plead the fifth because they were bullied at their own game but this time by SBF sitting pretty in the FTX Bahamian mansion?

2. Avi Eisenberg VS CRV Crypto Twitter

Never fade the power of the internet, let alone crypto Twitter during the bear market because right now…degens are bored and they don’t like to lose money because for every 50% drawdown you need a 2x to get back to break even.

CT also hates braggers, especially when they’re not humble and they exploit the system for personal gain at the expense of the community. Sure, dump a bag but don’t be a douche about it especially when you’re playing with 7 figure bags.

0xMev breaks down, in this almost step-by-step guide, on how you too can lose 7 figures in crypto completely risk-free just like Avi did.

The TLDR is Avi tried to be a smart ass, game the system and got trampled on by giga CRV chads who, in true crypto fashion, left a message on etherscan to certify their prowess.

Remember anons, someone somewhere has a bigger bag than you ready to flex and liquidate you for over $60m.

Happy Thanks Giving Avi!

1. He wasn’t a vegan he was a Plant!

Yeahhhh that ones courtesy of blocmates himself!

Word on the street is that SBF was a potential government plant. As it looks like Gary G, one of the biggest haters on crypto, was working with SBF to create favourable terms for FTX.

And then we find out that Carolines’ ole man was Gary G’s boss at MIT…a strange coincidence I think not!

Before we get too deep down this rabbit hole, because we love The Ape Enclosure newsletter, we will leave the decision in your hands.

So SBF…a real vegan or was he truly just a plant?

A plant for the biggest simulation in financial market history?

Give the power back to the degens and let them run it on Telegram and Discord!

Our Take

And that wasn’t even everything that happened in November let alone in the rest of 2022.

Let’s hope for the sanity of the markets that December is a little less interesting because that…that amount of drama right there is enough for at least 3 feature-length seasons on Netflix.

Never a dull day that.

FTX Hits the big screen, as the Russo Brothers, Directors of Avengers Endgame are bringing SBF and his goon squad to Amazon Prime in an 8-part mini-series. Wen book signing?!

FTX 👍 to pay critical vendors up to $8.5m on the approval of current CEO John Ray III whilst being able to redact confidential information about its customers and creditors which it owes almost $3bn too.

NEAR gets a $10m developer fund led by R&D firm Proximity Labs in order to build on top of Orderly, Spin, or Tonic. Is defi szn NEAR?!

Cryptos richest, Brendan Blumer the creator of the EOS blockchain has bought 9.3%, making him the largest holder, of crypto-friendly bank Silvergate Capital, a move that sees himself and Block.One owns 17% citing “A unique investment opportunity” and “proven track record of maintaining a liquid and conservative balance sheet investment portfolio".”

Binance Billion Dollar recovery fund, in order to provide financial support to promising projects. We hope the right projects are kept alive and that the terms of the loan aren’t crippling. Keep an eye on this wallet as this is where the $1bn is located.

Consensys is collecting your MetaMask IP and wallet addresses in an updated privacy policy and we quote “When you use Infura as your default RPC provider in MetaMask, Infura will collect your IP address and your Ethereum wallet address when you send a transaction.” Check out Aylo’s Tweet on keeping your privacy private.

Sam (still) set to speak at Dealbook conference in New York. He’ll take the stage alongside the likes of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Sam later confirmed of his attendance via Twitter. Surely there must be some legal implications here?

Black market Bitcoin? In a strange turn of events, ancient bitcoin has been making a move and it doesn’t look like they are going to be buying a Domino’s Pizza. Check out the thread below for the full story.

Our Take

GBTC aka the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust gives investors exposure to Bitcoin without all of the faff and hassle of setting up wallets, doing KYC and managing your wallet keys. It is currently trading at a 40% discount compared to the price of spot.

GBTC tracks the crypto markets fairly closely and, if we get there, some big gaps to fill again. On the weekly, the RSI looks like it is getting ready for a move to the upside BUT given the sentiment we aren’t getting excited yet.

Bull case, we see the Bitcoin bulls pump into the thanksgiving holiday celebration and GBTC reclaims the red vector candle at $13.50 mark.

Bear case, we lose all momentum following another big dump from the FTX drainer which causes GBTC to drop down into the $7.5-$8 range.

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Heres the Binance $1bn fund wallet to keep an eye.

Judging by Defi Llama BSC and Arbitrum are the 2 hottest spaces where money is flowing into. Wen airdrop?! Hopefully soon anon.

This thread from Rektdimedes breaks down a very simple Arbitrum portfolio. Worth a read and obviously NFA.

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