🐳 It's Whale Hunting Season

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Yes serrrr, it’s whale hunting season because it’s almost the festive season which means boxes of lego, quality streets, and a Christmas pudding hat for nan because she’s a little pudding (sorry nan!).

Whale hunting is a topic that’s been running through discord recently and given the current PVP nature of crypto, it’s ever more important that you have an edge. Now before we dig into it, there are a number of different ways to find whales, insiders, and alpha. This is simply just one of them.

The hunt is on serrrr.

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In Todays Enclosure

The Big Topic - It’s Whale Hunting Season 🐳• Bitesized bits - The Crypto Nuns, Coinbase CEO aping into Science and Magic Eden robbing royalties Chart of the day - $USDT.D, running for dollars, or is it time to deploy?!• Ape Chasers - 🕵️‍♂️

🔥 The Big Topic - It’s Whale Hunting Season

Before we start, this is simply just one way of finding alpha wallets and as always DYOR into the level of success they are having.

What does a successful wallet look like?

Depends. It all depends on what you are looking for and the ecosystem you are trading in. For example, an alpha LINK or APE wallet will look very different to a microcap trader, to a Crypto Twitter (CT) insider to an NFT artist. Define what it is you are looking for and then let the hunt begin.

Let’s look at the microcap space today. If you’re hunting for CT insiders then look for wallets that hold popular plays and compare them back to their Twitter accounts. Coins aren’t always on etherscan which makes a 7 figure wallet look like peanuts. This is where Zerion comes into play.

Your Ammo Pack

Every hunter needs an arsenal of weapons and ammunition. For this, I’d recommend the following:

• Dextools or Dexscreener - to look at charts and transactions• Zerion - to see when a wallet aped, holdings and used for notifications• Telegram - wallet tracker bots (etherdrops or evmtrackerbot are good starts)• Google Sheets - to keep a store and notes of the wallets you find

The Hunt is ON

Right, you’re now ready to begin your adventure (feels like that moment when Ash left Pallet Town for the first time).

There are 3 areas of interest in this chart

Area 1 - early bots, snipers and potential insidersArea 2 - dip buyer, smart traders and potential insidersArea 3 - smart traders, insiders and people who don’t want to miss out

Let’s take Area 2 and the buy volume that happens here and it happened between 11:30am-12:30pm.

Well well well, what do we have here? A number of sizeable buys and a sizeable sell….my little spidey sense has just perked up because either these wallets know something or they’re just heavily degen and were punting for the culture. Top tip, if it’s a fresh wallet funded from a CEX aping big…then it’s probably a chart to keep an eye on.

Load up your Zerion and check the wallets out. Let’s use that 1ETH chad as an example. We are checking his plays to see how early he got in or bought at a notable dip.

Well, looks like he was early into this play and kept flipping the chart, buying the dip and making $$….good start that.

Lol. This chad knew something about this play or managed to snipe it.

Ok so not the best of plays right here but given we had some super early buys this wallet could be worth adding to the watchlist for monitoring. Add it to Google Sheets, list out the early plays and whether you think they are an insider, whale wallet, trader or alpha hunter. Save the wallet to your Zerion and switch on notifications.

If you want to use a telegram wallet tracker then add it to the tracker and set your notifications on and you’ll be able to see buys, sells and transfers.

Aim for 10 absolute golden wallets that you have no doubts about. See what they ape, DYOR, and then make a decision based on the information you have presented.

Here’s another:

This is blatantly an insider job that probably used retail as exit liquidity. These candles are a great place to look for wallets because it’s a coordinated attack. I’ll be honest when I say that there were a number of good wallets hiding in here.

Our Take

It’s a no-brainer really, hunting for wallets is what will give you the edge over the retail degens who fomo into every green candle. Yeah, it gets time-consuming and a little boring BUT when you get your golden 10 and know who they are, it will make it worth it.

PS this wallet was a completely random wallet I choose from the above chart.

🗞 The Bitesized News Bits

The Crypto Nuns, use bitcoin in order to preserve catholic traditions by making bitcoin their ideal form of money keeping it in a cold storage device for when it is needed.

Sell some Coin and ape into Science, as Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong looks to reduce his stake in the business to pursue scientific endeavors. Is this a sign of a soon-to-be step-down, a public offering, or a move into another passion area for Brian?

Metal Gear Solid in the metaverse? Konami, one of Japan’s largest game developers, famous for the Metal Gear Series is hiring block talent for the development of a “unique digital item distribution platform.”

Coinbase 🤝 Google Cloud has formed a strategic partnership that will allow for the “acceleration of web3 adoption and innovation.” A huge win for web3 in this 4 part deal that will allow users to pay for the cloud with crypto, devs to access Google Cloud's blockchain data, use Coinbase Prime for institutional crypto services and use Google cloud as the provider to build an advanced exchange and data services.

Magic Eden royalties go poof! A bold move following a trend of NFT exchanges to give traders the option to pay a royalty. The Solana ecosystem just can’t catch a break!

🛡 Chart of the day: $USDT.D

Our Take

Like the DXY the USDT dominance chart can help show the mindset of investors and institutes. An increase in USDT.D means traders are running for profits and the safety of the dollar. A decreasing USDT.D chart means traders are deploying capital and helping move the market in a positive way. Highlighted are 3 short-term areas to watch for where imbalances lay.

Bull case, traders deploy capital and we see a recovery of the bottom boxed area sitting at around the 6.5% mark.

Bear case, traders keep running to the safety of the dollar and we recover the top wick sitting at over 8%

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🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

You might be seeing and hearing more and more about Aptos and it is likely that when they release the APT token that it will be airdropped. If you haven’t played around on the network yet now could be a good time to do so. Thanks to Olimpio.eth for the detailed run down.

The latest podcast

Grant and Jedi sat down with Magnus, Founder of Redacted Cartel and one of the spaces serial builders and currently working on Protecc an NFTFi market-making protocol.

For the audio experience check it out on Spotify.

🕵️‍♂️ Ape Chasers

Ape Chasers, you’ve got some alpha homework to do.

Golden Whale Wallet Tracking

If you aren’t tracking: go and find 5 golden wallets and start following them, make notes and begin to build your database.

If you are: find 5 more golden wallets to add to your list, have a refresh if it’s needed and continue building your database of goldies.

🦍 The Ape Enclosure

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