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  • 🦧 How to find crypto's smartest money in less than 5 minutes

🦧 How to find crypto's smartest money in less than 5 minutes

Plus Vela's Binance listing?! Berachain narrative kicks off AND MORE

GM Legends!

If the Blur and Sudo Swap airdrops weren’t enough… Bitcoin tests $25,000, Ethereum wants to break $1,750 and LiteCoin gets forked for Ordinals.

Giving all of the new subscribers and community apes a warm welcome to the enclosure! Today we reveal, in 5 steps, the secrets to finding smart money wallets in less than 5 minutes so you can become your own on-chain wizard.

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Here's what's inside today.

🔥 The big topic. 5 steps to becoming an on-chain wizard

🗞 Hot crypto news. Ordinal NFTs come to Litecoin, is Hong Kong becoming the new hub of crypto? Insider job as regulators let the bad guys win (again) AND MORE.

👀 Updates across the bloc. Berachain narrative heats up, Vela’s Binance listing?!, Trade Joe’s major updates AND MORE.

🛡 Chart of the day. Is $ETH gearing up for Shanghai?

🧵 Thread of the day. “A deep dive into the Fantom Ecosystem” by Viktor DeFi

🔥 The big topic.

5 steps to becoming an on-chain wizard

Tired of playing catch-up all the time?

Loading chart after chart that's pumped to the high heavens?

Continually wondering how the fudge sticks these apes do it?

Yeah, so was I.

Here's how you can find the smartest money in crypto in our revamped guide on how YOU can find smart money wallets in less than 5 minutes.

Back in October, we wrote this “Whale Hunting Season” on how to find smart, alpha, insider crypto wallets.

Fast forward five months and it’s time for a revamp as there are a lot of you new apes around here.

Here's how YOU can find, track and evaluate smart wallets so you don't end up left out as I did.

What are you looking for?

Yeah yeah, I know we’re looking for smart wallets… but what type? Uniswap traders? Arbitrum traders? Onchain wizards? NFT artists? Or your favourite crypto Twitter influencers?

Microcaps? Macrocaps? Jpegs?

JFC, there are lots of decisions, to begin with. I’ll make this easy.

This guide will be looking at smart traders who trade on-chain. The tracking devices I’ll share will help show you what blockchain ecosystem they are on.

All charts are for example purposes only. NFA, DYOR and don’t blindly ape!

The Ultimate Wallet Tracking Tool Kit

Every wallet hunter needs a toolkit, here's what you will need:

  • A charting tool like DexScreener or DexTools

  • A portfolio analysis app like Zerion or Debank

  • Love it or hate it, you’ll need Telegram with a wallet tracker like Cielo Finance

  • And of course, Google Sheets to long-term store the wallet addresses

For the examples below I’ll be using DexScreener, Zerion and Cielo Finance to get notifications on the wallets I follow.

Five Steps in Five Minutes

Right, ape… find a chart

We’ll use the UNIDX chart because there are key “Pump” and “Accumulation” zones and this is a chart I’ve NEVER dug into.

This will be fun. Time for ape research

Step 1: Mark off the “Pump” and “Accumulation” zones and let's see whos buying, shall we?

Step 2: Time to scroll. Scroll down to the dates in the areas highlighted and look for the BIG buys. Smart money apes bid at the bottom when they know.

HINT: there's plenty of smart money from 25-28th Jan.

Step 3: Click on the TXN in Dex Screener and take a look at the wallet on Etherscan, check the holdings and if it looks good head over to Zerion to see just how smart they are.

Bingo… we found a whale.

But remember folks, not all whales are smart!

PS. Zerion will let you see the majority of chains not just Ethereum.

Step 4: Time to see how smart this wallet is. Add the wallet address to Zerion, see their holdings and go through them to see when they made trades.

Here are the UniDex trades with the first purchase back in December at $2.80. Not bad, that.

Woah, another popular narrative play that's flooding crypto Twitter at the moment

Safe to say that this individual is “smart” or has frens in the right places.

This is now firmly on the watch list!

Step 5: Add it to your Zerion watchlist, and your Google Sheets for note and now it’s time to add it to Cielo Finance telegram wallet tracking bot.

Celio Finance is free and lets you track up to 20 wallets. It also comes with a prebuilt NFT tracker and Onchain Intrigue that features exploiters, wallet unlocks, VCs and other useful wallets.

Give the wallet a label that you’ll remember for example SmartUniDexLvL or I’ve called this one ArbiAltTrader as it contains loads of Arbitrum coins.

BOSH! It’s as simple as that.

How to find smart money crypto wallets in less than 5 minutes

Our Take

Copy trading is NOT a surefire way to make millions in crypto.

It is just one tool that gives you a sneak peek so you can DYOR.

BRB… apes gonna ape!

🗞 Hot crypto news.

🐮 Bullish News

Helium migration to Solana by March 27th with the HNT, MOBILE and IOT tokens moving over. A new version of the Helium Wallet App will be available and Helium users will be able to use Solana native wallets such as Phantom.

First Bitcoin, now Litecoin? Ordinals have made the Bitcoin Blockchain cool again and now forks Litecoin bringing the magic to another forgotten blockchain.

Hong Kongs crypto ambition perks up as Bejing gives a subtle thumbs up. Last week we saw Hong Kong give the nod to retail investors whilst today Huboi owner Justin Sun will move the HQ from Singapore to Hong Kong and 4x head count… China gets bullish?!

🐻 Bearish News

SBF & his cronies get subpoenaed by the Voyager Creditors committee to discuss the low-ball bid dressed up as a white knight rescue where it was used to boost the failed exchanges publicity.

It’s an inside job as regulators let the bad guys’ egos inflate to disproportionate god-tier size whilst the good guys… fell to the iron hand of the SEC. Former Kraken CEO Jesse Powell tweeted that the regulators let the bad actors get ahead by “sucking up users, revenue and venture capital.”

Wonderboy Kevin O’Leary speaks out… again. From FTX maxi to “industry spokesman” to this time urging exchanges to play ball and get out of the way of SEC Chari Gary Gensler’s warpath. Venture funding is dead? Has he not seen what’s happening on Arbitrum right now?! This guy!

👀 Updates across the bloc.

Project Updates

Alpaca Finance will be releasing its own perps dex soon which will leverage its own leveraged yield farming base. Emissions will be cut from February 2023 making it deflationary including weekly burns.

Archimedes G(r)eek auction has gone live with the objective to find a fair price for leverage. Here’s a great thread explaining their flywheel effect.

Berachain narrative has picked up again on Twitter with new job listings, Beradrome NFTs going live with >100 Eth volume on OpenSea before minting, and the Janitooor releasing 0xhoneyjars (FAQ here). Real chain.

Blur is winning the NFT war against OpenSea seeing over $500m worth of Ethereum NFT trades taking place. Smart money might be preparing for Airdrop #3.

Cat in a Box is a lending protocol that’s built on top of liquid staking derivatives using stETH by Lido. From their docs and website, it looks like they’re in a presale phase with a few crypto Twitter influencers, crypto condom and GMX intern picking it up.

Factor DAO’s fair launch raises more than $4.3m in less than 24 hours on Camelot DEX.

Solid Lizard Finance, this one is an interesting one as at first looks I thought it was a microcap shizzle coin, BUT it looks like a16z has been aping bags. Keep an eye on VC wallets as sometimes, just sometimes they can reveal a gem.
Debank | Zerion

Trader Joe has just finished its Arbitrum Adventures quest (we highlighted it here) series. Joe also hit an ATH TVL on Arbitrum plus updates coming such as $sJOE staking, BNB expansion, limit orders and… Mod P456 dropping alpha hints “wen ██████” aka “wen redacted cartel?”

Vela Exchange. Nansen picked up the movement of tokens being sent to Binance. Are we early or is this one of those accidental misclicks we’ve all done?

Vest Exchange is a perps protocol that will let you trade almost any asset and will be releasing its testnet in 3 stages. The first stage will feature a GMX-Perp trading competition to test out the pricing/funding mechanism.

Governance Updates

Redacted Cartel and Camelot Finance are in the proposal process of expanding their strategic partnership by launching a Hidden Hand market on CamelotDEX to expand into Arbitrums liquidity incentivisation.

Sudo Swap has seen a proposal submitted by FarmerTaiki.Eth proposing to burn the remaining unclaimed Sudo.

Synapse Protocol has proposed to migrate liquidity to Balancer to start bribing on Aura Finance making it one the largest bribers on the hidden hand.

🛡 Chart of the day.

Is $ETH gearing up for Shanghai?

Could it be? Could $2,000 be back on the table as the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is right around the corner (PS. we wrote about it here)?

Could the combination of the golden 50 and 200 EMA cross on the daily and a major update break through the major resistance zone to find its new range between $1,800 and $2,000 again?

Bull case. The LSD Ethereum bulls win driving us back to the glory land and that magical $2,000

Bear case. The bulls run out of LSD sending the price crashing down to the $1,200-$1,300 region where we see a major gap in the chart.

Coming up this week.

The G20 meetings kick off tomorrow along with the FOMC meeting minutes. We could see some profits being taken today whilst the market digests tomorrow’s talking points.

🧵 Thread of the day.

The Fantom ecosystem went from spooky to ghost and back to spooky again as the ecosystem has seen a flourish of development and incentivisation through the latest Gas Monetisation proposal.

If you missed OG Fantom season Viktor DeFi breaks down the potential it has.

And on that note, thanks for reading, catcha apes in the next edition!

blocmates team 🫡

🤝 A final word.

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